Let Love Win & Everything Else is Gravy – Day 158 of 365 Days to a Better You

Let love win and everything else is gravy, I promise. It’s a big promise backed by a word that means so many things he to so many people. What do I mean by letting live win?

  • Cultivate peace within and peace without.
  • Have compassion for and connection with all the living things sharing this life experience, beginning with you.
  • Feel the joy in knowing every last bit of it has beauty and meaning.
  • Accept what is without ever losing your determination to discover what can be.

That’s a start, but I’d love to hear what letting love win means to you. Please leave a comment below.

May your Friday be filled with peace and accomplishment.



The Fairness Trap – Day 140 of 365 Days to a Better You

If you spend your life waiting on the train to fairness, you’ll miss your flight to greatness.

We all like for things to be fair. By all rights, things should be as fair as possible and we should never stop working for more fairness. The truth is we’re not there. We don’t live in a fair world. In fact, we don’t even have a good definition for what fairness is or how to get there.

It’s not fair that some people are born in places with excellent schools and others are born in places with horrible schools. It’s not fair that some people have easy access to clean drinking water and other people have to hike five miles each way just for dirty water. These are inequities that we could address if we really set our minds to it.

What about the inequities below the surface and those not even possible to correct? Is it fair that someone is born taller, faster, without disease? If it’s not, how could even begin to address this lack of fairness?

Here’s your problem. You may, if you’re lucky, have 100 years to live. You could spend that entire life focused on how life has not treated you fairly and your life will pass without you becoming the person you came here to be. You can get stuck in the fairness trap.

“It’s not fair,” is a paralyzing thought. It causes you to put the condition of fairness on your moving forward. Essentially, it puts a standard out of your control at the center of your potential. At it’s best, fairness is a minimum bar.

What if you looked the world slightly differently? What if you chose greatness instead of fairness as your goal? Fate and other people can control how fair things are, but only you can decide how great you’ll be.

When you focus on becoming great rather than things being fair, you’ve chosen movement over stagnation and self-determination over the power of outside forces.

As I said at the top, we must never stop striving for fairness. It would be ideal if everyone had to run the same number of laps to achieve greatness. For now, though, you have a choice. You can run the extra laps, if that’s your lot, or you can spend your life waiting on the train to fairness and miss your flight to greatness!

You can be the victim in someone else’s narrative or the hero in your own.

I love all of you and I hope your day is filled with peace and wisdom!


That ONE Thing About Yourself – Day 138 of 365 Days to a Better You

You know what it is. There’s that one thing about yourself that you could change, you want to change, but you just haven’t. You started a hundred times. You’ve promised yourself a hundred times more.

It’s not something that requires years of work or training on spiritual practice. It’s not something that requires you to change your finances or your location or the perfect time. It simply requires a different choice.

You know what it is for you. It might be something big or something small. I want you to ponder it today. You don’t have to take any immediate action. Just ponder how your life would be better, if you’d just adopt that one change. Think about what the steps are for you to change it. Close your eyes and see your life free of it.

If, at the end of day, you decide now is the moment to make that change. Start tomorrow…not that nebulous tomorrow that never comes. Tomorrow, Sunday May 19, 2019.

You are the engine of your dreams. They will never give up on you. Never give up on them!


Service Before Self – Day 135 of 365 Days to a Better You

“Greater love has no one,” said Jesus in John 15:13, “than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.” He was speaking of the immense power of putting others before yourself.

This is a challenging concept for us in our modern world. Sure, there are some occupations that require selflessness and we all occasionally put others first. Yet, we wake up in a body every day that immediate and unconsciously screams, “Me, me, me.” They tell us we have an ego that exists for no other reason than to ensure the survival of self. From pillow to pillow, our egos and our bodies are marketed to in a way that could almost make you forget anything beyond your immediate self-gratification.

Service before self requires conscious effort. It requires ceasing all that self-noise, recognizing the needs of those around you, and serving them.

Jesus gave the extreme example in that verse. There are a million little ways you can put others before you all day long. Volunteer to help build a house. Let someone cut in line. Give the homeless person five dollars. Make sure your family eats before you. Let your spouse choose the movie.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the positivity I see the presidential campaigns of Marianne Williamson and Tulsi Gabbard. Rep. Gabbard is a veteran of two overseas deployments. She enlisted after 9/11 and continues to serve as a Major in the Hawaii National Guard. She’s speaking eloquently on the campaign trail about bringing a servant’s heart to the task of making the changes so many of us want to see in our world. She’s made it a centerpiece of her message and her campaign. It’s one of the reasons I view her so favorably.

Can you imagine consciously building a country, a world, or our lives around such a noble principle? What kind of ripple effect could we affect?

Am I suggesting you give up your own dreams and aspirations and make them subservient to the needs of others? No way! You are here, as we’ve discussed so many times on this blog, to achieve amazing things in your own right.

What I’m talking about is finding a balance between that “Me, me, me” you wake up to each morning and the needs of the world around you. I’m saying make it a point to daily and proactively put someone else’s needs, someone else’s concerns front and center.

Power Hack: Every single one of us has the impulse to do these things – give up the seat on the train, give the homeless person five bucks, etc. It’s only ego and fearful thinking that there’s not enough or I’ll get taken advantage of that stops you. Release those thoughts and feelings and act!

Though it seems counterintuitive, putting others before you just may be the wave that pushes your dreams all the way to shore. This clip probably requires no introduction to to most of you. Yeah, it’s just a movie, but it’s life too. What you put out into the world comes back to you. It’s the oldest rule in the book.

Stay inspired, my friends, and thank you so much for taking valuable time out of your day to read the blog!


What is Your Pole Star? – Day 130 of 365 Days to a Better You

Are you guided by your Pole Star?

Before humans had compasses or GPS, ocean navigation was achieved by mapping the stars. The most important star for navigation in the northern hemisphere was Polaris (widely known as “the North Star”). Every one from the ancient Polynesians to the Vikings use this star to guide their journeys.

10th century Anglo-Saxons dubbed Polaris the “ship star.” Meanwhile, the ancient Hindu Puranas termed it Dhruva – which translates as “fixed” or “immovable.”

It should be noted that Polaris is simply the current North Star. The North Star is the star that is positioned due north as the Earth rotates on its axis. This star changes as Earth experiences Precession – the 25,772 year cycle – caused by the wobbling of the earth as it spins.

A few thousand years ago, the starĀ Kochab was the pole star. By 3000 A.D. the star Gamma Cephei will become the North Star.

All very interesting, Ray, but what does this have to do with my personal development? Because of this ancient tradition of navigating by the North Star, the term has become a metaphor for having a clear direction because the North Star always shows where true north lies.

You may think you know what your North Star is, but do you? It may be useful to write down what “true north” means for you in your life. Let me define that. What is the principle or principles on which you are going to base all other decisions, goals, and successes?

Because I think a human life is even a bit more complex than navigating a dark ocean, though metaphorically they’re similar, I’d suggest identifying and defining three to five core principles that are your “true north.” These are principles that when you’re on your game, you’re sailing directly to them. When you’re not your game, they are how you find your direction again.

For me, these have become crystal clear in my life. Much if not most of my writing and work revolves around them. They inform who I am and who I still aspire to be.

  1. Peace – global, societal, and personal.
  2. Freedom – the sovereignty of an individual over his or her life so long as it harms no one else.
  3. Personal Development – working on the premise that every human being has within him or her everything he or she needs to be happy, successful, and free.
  4. Transparency – keeping of secrets by institutions is a harmful, selfish, and dangerous proposition. Knowledge is the universal birthright of all humans. Privatizing it or hiding behind concepts like National Security do not serve the betterment of humanity.

These principles have become so woven into me that I don’t even have to consciously think about them anymore. They ooze out of my pores and through my writing.

If you’ll give this exercise the time it deserves, you can easily identify your core principles. Spell them out in detail for yourself so that you are clear on what you mean. Once you have them, begin navigating the ship of your life by your Pole Star.

Thank you all so much for taking your valuable time to read this blog each day. If you took something valuable away from this post, PLEASE spread it to some friends. Thanks for your support!



Best Me Affirmation Video

Do you ever feel like your best you is right there? You can see it, taste it, smell it.

With repeated listening, the Best Me affirmation helps you believe in the best you and become that person.

The Relaxing version of this affirmation is set to ocean waves. It encourages you to be and reminds you that you are the best you can be each day. Allow the words to pour over you. Absorb them consciously. Know for certain that each and every moment you are doing the best you can until you can do better.

May it inspire you to be confident, to forgive, to give yourself a break, and to push yourself to be more than you were yesterday.

The affirmation is recorded in the first and second person.

  • Day after day, I am the BEST me I can be.
  • Day after day, You are the BEST you you can be.


Download MP3 version to add to your playlist.

Keep on rocking on!


Ray Davis is the founder of The Affirmation Spot, co-founder of 6 Sense Media, and author of Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation and The Power to Be You.

The Trust/Fear Cycle – The Affirmation Spot for Wednesday October 27, 2010

My Thought for Today:

“Fear consumes us unless and until we give in completely to trust.”

Let me ask you a question. What makes it hard for you to trust other people? Take a moment and think about the reasons you have a hard time trusting people? Come up with a few reasons before you continue reading.

I’m guessing that if you examine your reasons, they center around past hurts and the fear of feeling that way again. Maybe you feel others will take advantage of you or you have even experienced others taking advantage of you in the past. Maybe you fear looking foolish by “putting yourself out there” only to have someone betray you. These are all valid reasons to fear trusting.

Let me ask you this. What steps – mental or even physical – do you take in your life to avoid having to trust others for fear of being hurt or being taken advantage of? Think about how you feel when you are asked to trust. Think about how you respond when asked to trust. Now ask yourself why you feel that way?

Do you put up walls or even aggressively push people away? Do you believe you are doing this “protect yourself”?

Now step outside of yourself and focus on the other person who is considering the possibility of having to trust you. Is it possible he or she has also had past hurts? Has also learned defense mechanisms to avoid or limit exposure in a trusting relationship?

Perhaps you have both been hurt in the past and would have no intention of hurting the other. However, your past conditioning prevents you from finding out because you have shields up. Instead of experiencing and growing trust, you both do things that continue to reinforce your belief that trusting others in dangerous. You wind up hurting each other simply due to a failure to see this situation as unique and to be authentically you.

Now expand this scenario to every relationship in your life. In fact, extend it to all the relationships on this planet – individual, ethnic, national, political, religious. Too often, we are operating with our trust shields up for fear of being hurt.

How much pain, bloodshed, and unhappiness do you suppose this mindset creates on our planet – not to mention your life – every day?

“But, I have been hurt,” you argue. You’re right. You have. That person you want relationship with has as well. So has that other ethnic group, religion, or political party. Can you not see their pain through your own?

We have all been hurt, not because we trust too much, but because we trust too little. We are aggressive and defensive in an attempt to protect ourselves when simply seeing each situaion as fresh and unique could lead to a different outcome. When being our authentic selves instead of our on-guard selves could create new connections and possbilities. When remembering our common humanity and acknowledging our common fears could breakdown desperate paradigms and transform this world.

So, what is the answer? How do we change it? Well, none of us can do the work of changing this situation for others. We can only be cognizant of the ways we contribute to it in our own lives and strive to do better.

Maybe, just maybe, we will find that when we drop our shields and trust more others will be willing to do the same.

Stay inspired!


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