Stressful Move Affirmation

Good Saturday, my friends.

Moving! Man, it can be a stressor. We’ve done local moves and couple cross-country moves over the years. The last one – from Boston to Kansas City – was an unmitigated disaster! Movers didn’t show up three days in a row. We scrambled, last-minute, to find a backup mover in June and got everything out of our house just minutes from a $10,000 penalty.

Then we left all our stuff in in storage in Boston and headed back without, not knowing how we’d get it home. A series of amazing synchronicities helped us get it all worked out.

Believe me. I know what a stressful move is all about.

Are you getting ready to move? Feeling a little stressed? This affirmation and video, watched repeatedly, help you visualize the move going great and the transition from your old place to your new space being simple.

I hope your move goes more smoothly. This affirmation will help keep you focused on the best possible outcome and on enjoying your new space.