Parenting Affirmations Great Parent Affirmation

Are you a parent? You probably wonder every day if you’re doing it right. Then, on less positive days, you’re convinced you’re a terrible parent. Trust me. There’s instruction manual. It’s the hardest thing to figure out in this life.

This affirmation, listened to regularly, puts your mind on your side as a parent. It reminds you to take a look at your kids. See how smart and resilient and miraculous they are. A lot of that’s them, but a lot of it’s you too.

The affirmation is set to meditative music track. It’s perfect for listening in a quiet moment – during meditation, first thing in the morning, or right before bed.


First-person: I am an amazing parent. My kids are living proof.

Second-person: You are an amazing parent . Your kids are living proof.

Wherever you are on your parenting journey today, know that you’re awesome!


You can download the audio of this affirmation here.