Winter Solstice Affirmations

The Winter Solstice is, perhaps, metaphorically the most important 24 hours of the entire year.

Daylight wanes to its lowest point and the longest night of the year threatens to extinguish the light all together. The parallels and metaphors in our own lives are readily apparent.

That long night can seem to go on forever, but the reward on the other side is the rebirth of the light, as initiates a new offensive against the darkness. Light triumphs and so do we.

These affirmations are meant to capture the power of this transition and harness it in our own lives.

  1. I have experienced the depths of the long the night, but now I walk consciously into the new light.
  2. My lowest points are often my greatest springboards.
  3. Beginning today, light is winning in my life again.
  4. My persistence pays off in a beautiful new beginning.
  5. I have touched the very depths of my being and now I am ready to soar.
  6. I bless the darkness for the lessons it teaches. I bless the light for the opportunities it brings.
  7. I have known my deepest fears and I have transformed them into love.
  8. I welcome this new dawn with hope and expectation.
  9. My darkest nights are always followed by my brightest day,
  10. The fire of my life shines brightly even on the darkest night.

Embrace the new light, my friends. Embrace it!