You Are A Manifestor!

One of the blocks most of us have to manifesting the life we want is we don’t want to believe we are really that powerful, that amazing, that capable.

We’ve been told and taught so many limiting beliefs about who we are that if we just suddenly started manifesting like we’re capable of it would immediately shatter paradigms that are at the foundation of who we really think we are.

We are a child of this universe and heir to all of its majesty, abundance, and power. That’s who we really are and no matter how many barriers of limiting belief we must bust through to get that and own it, we are destined to get there if we’re willing to have that belief and do the work.

The universe will not deny us anything unless we are denying ourselves. It’s ready to grant us anything, if our message on what we want it is clear, consistent and backed with steps in that direction on our own.

We are not here to suffer and doubt. We are here to play and experiment in this great test tube where matter and consciousness have come together in us. You are that nexus. You are that power conduit. You are that manifestor!


Manifest Anything Affirmation

You are a born creator and manifestor. Even though that knowledge and the memory of it has been educated and conditioned out of you. This affirmation helps you reclaim the mantle of someone able to create the life and the world you seek. Don’t sell yourself short. You are a creative force!

Just remember, everyone else you encounter today has the same capability. Together, we can create a world logic, common sense, and our current institutions claim is impossible.

The Affirmation:

  • First-person: I can literally manifest anything I desire into being and I do so each and every day.
  • Second-person: You can literally manifest anything you desire into being and you do so each and every day.

Wherever you are on your journey today, you are awesome!