Skepticism and “Magical Thinking”

You know, skepticism can become a religion too. Doubt can become a comforting drug. When they become your default setting they limit your life in every way from the start.

Some seriously believe that expanding your thinking beyond what can be seen and measured is “magical thinking.”

Yeah. It is. It’s the kind of magic that opens new possibilities in a life and kicks down new doors for a civilization.

A skeptic feels at home in things that can be proven. That’s a comfortable place to live when virtually every proven was once a radical idea, disavowed as magical thinking by the skeptics of its day. Thankfully, it was believed in by one or a few crazy people with enough creativity and ingenuity to see beyond what was proven in that moment and enough courage dare the status quo.

Skepticism has a place in our thinking, but as a life philosophy it’s an uncreative, unmitigated failed mindset. It’s constant fear is being wrong or being tricked by nefarious data. So what? I’ll take being wrong 10 times as the cost of achieving one BIG dream or one betterment for human civilization.

I’ll take a magical thinker seven days a week and twice on Sunday. As for me, I aspire to be a better one.

Wherever you are on journey today, you are awesome..,even magically so.