Your Puzzle Pieces Do Fit

Good evening, my friends. I want to share an experience I had Tuesday. It’s representative of a frequent experience, even though I only remember after the fact that things work this way.

My early morning mission was two-fold – pick up something from the grocery store and run by Sonic to pick up breakfast.

Things quickly went awry. The grocery store didn’t have the item I needed. When I arrived at Sonic, they informed me they were running 10 minutes behind.

I debated my options and decided to make my way to the larger town about 10 miles from us. There I picked up breakfast and visited Walgreens to pick up my needed item. The day before I’d called my doctor’s office and was informed they’d have no COVID vaccines until Fall.

As I was checking out, the very enthusiastic young Walgreens employee asked if I’d had my COVID vaccine. I replied I had not. He handed me a card with a QR code that allowed me quickly schedule my first shot yesterday and my second in a few weeks.

On my way over to the other town, I had to readjust a momentarily very negative attitude. My morning plan had been foiled and I was none too happy.

I wasn’t seeing the whole puzzle. Thankfully, the universe had my back, as it always does; even when I forget.

We can often think we lack the pieces to successfully complete our puzzle or the pieces don’t fit the way we expect them to.

It’s discouraging, frustrating, pick your word. Remember though, you do have the pieces and with a little patience things do fall into place.

After the fact, we look back and wonder why we ever doubted. The delay or the redirection of our plans was exactly what the situation called for.

Trust and know, as the ancient saying goes.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!