10 Best Doctor Affirmations

Doctors are heroes by any definition, but what they do can take its toll on them. These affirmations help doctors/physicians to put their minds on their side by owning their success and their greatness as a doctor. There are 10 affirmations and each is repeated three times in both the first and second-person for best results.


1. I am a great doctor. I always remember the healing comes first.
2. I am a great doctor and I prove it every day. My colleagues and patients see me as an expert.
3. My patients are lucky to have me and I am lucky to have them.
4. I treat every patient like they are my only patient.
5. I make a real difference in the lives of my patient.
6. My medical practice is growing and thriving.
7. My first patient is always me. I take care of myself in every way.
8. Whatever adversity I face today, I face it with courage and wisdom.
9. I always remember to show my patients how much I care.
10. I am calm and thrive in pressure situations.

Remember, my friends, keep your mind on your side.


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21 Affirmations for Nurses

Nurses work tirelessly for all of us when we are facing a medical situation in our lives. I’ve spent my share of time in hospitals and doctor’s offices over the years. Most of the nurses I’ve met are people committed to helping others.

Here are some affirmations for those of you have chosen this vocation.

  1. I became a nurse to make a difference and I make a difference every day.
  2. I give my all because I know my patients are counting on me.
  3. I choose to help the sick and the suffering because I care.
  4. I let go of what I cannot control.
  5. When it counts, I am the calm at the center of the storm.
  6. When I’m done caring for others, I remember I to care for myself too.
  7. My training and my experience get me through whatever comes my way.
  8. I am compassionate to patients and families.
  9. I never allow a patient become just a number.
  10. Breathing in, I control what I can control. Breathing out, I release what I cannot control.
  11. Even in tough situations, I see the good in other people.
  12. Even in tough situations, I see the good in me.
  13. I am human. I will make mistakes and I will get better.
  14. Every storm makes me stronger.
  15. My happiness is always my choice.
  16. I work for healing. I live for healing. I am part of the healing.
  17. I choose hope over fear.
  18. I embody compassion for my patients and their situation.
  19. I am an efficient, effective, professional.
  20. Nursing is not what I do. Nursing is who I am.
  21. I give the patients my best. I give the doctors my best. I give myself my best.

Thank you all for what you do for the rest of us!


Ray Davis is the founder of The Affirmation Spot. He’s been studying and practicing personal development for 30 years. He’s also studied many of the world’s spiritual traditions and mythologies.

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