Your Experience IS Valid Data – Day 31 of 365 Days to a Better You

Your experience is as valid as any other data.

You have reached the last day of January and the 31st day in our journey together. Celebrate with a big hot chocolate in recognition of National Hot Chocolate Day.

fall_activities_pollAccording to a poll in October 2018, drinking hot chocolate was the number one fall activity elementary school students were looking forward to. That’s what’s known as a data point. All scientific research and statistical polls are a based on data points. They are accumulated into a statistical dataset which is analyzed to yield findings from the study.

I must admit that I always chuckle a bit when someone goes to check the scientific evidence that “this positive thinking stuff” works. It’s almost as if it worked for them without the data, they wouldn’t believe it. Harder line skeptics won’t even dip their toe in the positive thinking waters. There was even a book called “Bright-Sided” by Barbara Eisenreich a few years ago that bemoaned people wanting her to think positively during her experience with cancer.

I’m not here to tell you what to believe. Please consider this, though. Have you tried having a more positive outlook, seeing the good in things, looking for the positive angle? Did you feel better? Did things seem to move in a more positive direction for you when you did? If so, then who cares about the data?

Data is rarely an absolute. It’s a consensus, a preponderance of the evidence based on a dataset. You are your own dataset. If it works for you, what difference does it make if it didn’t for others?

In case you’re wondering, though, there are literally thousands of studies that have shown health and outcome benefits from positive thinking. Don’t believe me? Google positive thinking research in Google News almost any day and you’ll find several articles of studies that show the benefits.

What’s my message to you today? You don’t have to believe something or not based on consensus. Your own experience is a valid dataset in its own right and the most important one for you.

Besides, data has clear limits. It’s terrible at measuring intangibles – the hallmarks of we human beings. The former baseball All-Star Nomar Garciaparra had it right when he said, “There’s no stat yet that measures heart.”

Live by yours today and forget the statistics.


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Ray Davis - The Affirmation Spot

I am the Founder of The Affirmation Spot, author of Annuanki Awakening, and co-founder of 6 Sense Media. My latest books are the Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation (Book 1 of a trilogy) and The Power to Be You: 417 Daily Thoughts and Affirmations for Empowerment. I have written prolifically on the topics of personal development and human potential for many years. By day, I write sales training for Fortune 100 company. I began studying affirmations and positive thinking after a life-threatening illness at 25. My thirst for self-improvement led him to read the writings of Joseph Campbell, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, and many other luminaries in the fields of mythology and motivation. Over time, I have melded these ideas into my own philosophy on self-development. I have written, recorded, and used affirmations and other tools throughout that time to improve my own life and I have a passion for helping other reach for their goals and dreams. Ray holds a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Secondary Education in Social Studies from University of Kansas. He lives in Spring Hill, Ks with his wife.

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