Positivity Works Tee + More

Positivity matters. It matters in our lives and in our world; especially right now. Express yourself to the world each time you wear this design. Let the world know that you believe in the power of positivity to transform people and societies.

John’s Hopkins University recently found that people with a positive outlook are one-third less likely to suffer a heart attack. Stanford University found in 2018 that a positive attitude literally makes your brain work better.

I’ve spent 30 plus years focused on ways to spread positive messages and mindsets through a variety of media. However, in this past year, through personal trial and error and a ton a research, I’ve discovered that there’s no better way to own your positive thinking and emotions than to wear them.

Plus it has the added benefit of spreading that positivity to anyone you meet without saying a word.

Express to everyone you meet your belief that positivity is a powerful force at work in lives and in the world. This design features a colorful display of the word positivity and proudly expresses your commitment to spreading it.

You can order this design (shirts, hoodies, mugs, and more) from our TeeSpring Store today and start spreading a little positivity wherever you go.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you ARE awesome!


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Allow It Affirmations

We often think life is all about pushing and pulling and striving. Often it is. Sometimes, though, it’s about getting out of the way and allowing.

Allow goodness to flow into your life today.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you ARE awesome!


Wednesday Morning RayQuotes for Claiming Your Power

However you want to phrase it, you are the captain, the director, the producer of your life. What you think or don’t, what you say or don’t, what you do or don’t decides your course through this life.

Outside events only provide a set on which to act out this play of self in this interconnected multiverse.

Sometimes, though, we fall out of the captain’s seat or even forget who we are and the power we have over our outcomes.

Today I’m sharing some brand new RayQuotes I coined during a thought experiment this morning along with some that I’ve use for years to empower my own mindset. The power of words is in the feeling they create. That feeling becomes the fuel for action and determination.

Hope you enjoy them. Consider. Saving the ones that resonate with you, printing them, and keeping them close to you during your day to remind you that you are the captain of your life.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you ARE awesome!


It’s A BIG Universe and We Have Bigger Dreams to Live

We are living in a crazy, angry, world right now. It’s easy to see why. The past year has been brutal psychologically, economically, health-wise for millions of people in our country and around the world.

Let me ask you. When was the last time you went out and looked up at the sky and pondered the bigger picture? When was the last time you pondered the meaning of life beyond the flash and fury and labels that create so much anger and dis-ease?
Did you know this year we will be launching the James Webb Telescope that will orbit the sun independently at a distance of nearly four times the moon from the earth? It will allow us to see exponentially further and deeper in the universe than any telescope to date.

I follow space news quite closely, but I learned something a little while ago. Did you know that among the thousands of exoplanets we’ve now discovered, there are 24 super-habitable planets that they now believe are better, some far better, suited for life than Earth?

Think about that. The earth is an amazing planet, but our sun and our planet do not measure up to the absolutely ideal conditions for life. Stars and planets with much longer life spans are better suited for life. Planets that are wetter and 5-8 degrees warmer than Earth are better able to create diversity and sheer volume of life.

What are we doing? I mean really. We hate and we argue and some get violent over small questions on a small planet that mostly could solved with a little initiative, insight, and good will.

Why aren’t more of us looking out and up and, frankly, in to discover the deeper meaning of life and our profound connection to everything we see?
Someone said today that we are headed down a path of either evolution or revolution. This sounded very similar to the “moment of decision” I’ve been talking about for 20 years. We keep racing thoughtlessly toward that precipice.

We seem to think that a little more anger, a little more self-righteousness, a little more of us versus them is going to yield a different result than it has for the past 10,000 years.

Maybe, just maybe it’s time for us have bigger thoughts and aspire to bigger things. The choice is, as it ever was, ours. The universe is waiting on our decision, but it will go on no matter what we decide.

I vote that we focus that we focus on finding those people on those super-habitable planets, learning what they have to teach us, and teaching what is ours to teach.

Just in case no one else has remind you today, you are awesome!