5-Minute Morning Affirmation – There Is Enough Affirmations

Scarcity or abundance? For most of human history, human beings struggled to survive through heartache, hardship, and scarcity.

Today, though, we live in an age of relative abundance, when more than ever before, our destiny is in our hands. Yet, many cling to those old mindsets that claim there’s not enough. These affirmations, listened regularly, remind you that there is enough and you are enough. In fact, you’re more than enough!

The Affirmations

  • There is enough.
  • There is always enough.
  • There is enough for me.
  • There is enough for everyone.
  • There is enough money to go around.
  • There is enough time to go around.
  • There is enough joy to go around.
  • There is enough love to go around.
  • There is enough health to go around.
  • There is enough kindness to go around.
  • There is enough peace to go around.
  • There is enough freedom to go around.
  • I am always enough.

Wherever you are on your journey today, know that you ARE enough!


Great Awakening Affirmation

There is a Great Awakening happening in our world. It’s a retuning and a refocusing of consciousness from a paradigm that tells you all the answers are out there in the material world to one that reminds you to stop, breathe, and look within.

We all know the mantras of the current paradigm. More stuff will make you happy. Work hard for 20 years to get an education so you can get a good job to work the best hours of your life for 40 years. Save and hope and pray you have some good years left at the end to enjoy. The few control the many. That’s just how it’s always been.

Many in this younger generation are balking at this life path. Good for them. None of us is too old to join them. We stepped into a game unquestioningly and have done our best to make it work. Only it doesn’t really work and it’s not aligned with why we’re here.

The past year and a half has given us all time to reconsider what matters. While the media claims jobs aren’t being filled because people are lazy, the truth is we’re seeing a fundamental shift in the way people think about their economic life. People are resolutely saying, “I won’t play that game any more.

What does this moment mean for us and our civilization? It’s an opportunity. An opportunity to reshape things in a way that honors our connections to the universe and each other. An opportunity to make this civilization work for the highest good of all its members.

It’s past time, don’t you think?

Wherever you are on your journey today, know for sure that the answers you seek are within you.


Be Chased Instead

The phrase Law of Attraction has been thrown around a lot over the past 20 years. Some see it s an immutable law of the universe, while others see it as a tactic or strategy to get what they want.

The evidence is in. There’s no doubt this force can powerfully affect our lives. Many have tried mix maximum effort with LOA in a kind of modern version of “the Protestant work ethic.”

They seek to attract by digging deeper and pushing harder. While these attributes can themselves lead to a measure of success, after all hard work is sometimes rewarded. This does not mix well with “get into the flow” approach that works best with LOA.

Rowing fast and hard creates stress. That’s the opposite of the gentle being and alignment that encapsulates LOA.

Note that LOA is about attraction. You don’t attract things anywhere else in the universe by pushing harder on them. You repel by doing so. Why would it work any differently in your life?

How does the Sun attract the planets to follow it around the galaxy? It stays true to what its gravity does the rest. It doesn’t pull the planets. They are attracted to it. They chase it.

To attract, you just be yourself and exert your “gravity.” Being yourself means being aligned to your purpose and being present in your natural energy. As you travel through the universe, like the Sun, the things that belong to you begin to chase you.

You won’t catch the Sun chasing Mars or Jupiter. Don’t you stressfully chase people or situations. The right ones…the ones that make up your “solar system” will find you, when you’re being authentically yourself.

To the normal way of thinking in our world, this may sound a little woo woo. So be it. Let them spend their lives trying to pull the wring Mars back into their orbit, while you gleefully attract what is yours to attract.

Wherever you are on your journey today, know that you have attracted this message at this moment.

Peace and prosperity, my friends!


Morning Affirmation for Wednesday November 3, 2021

Someone wise once said that it’s lonely along the extra mile. We are awash in advertising that promises us service beyond our wildest expectations. Yet, the reality is few live up to their ad campaigns.

Truly committing yourself to excellence and really going that extra mile will allow you stand out and stand apart in any field of endeavor.

This affirmation reminds you and commits you to making excellence your personal brand.

Do that in school, in business, or in your personal life and watch how you attract the respect and recognition your efforts deserve.

Wherever you are on your journey today, be the best version of you you’re capable of being today.


Evening Affirmation for Monday November 1, 2021

Do you give your all over and over and then wonder whether your best is good enough?

You possess no greater power than that of bringing your best to bear on your problems and your dreams time and time again.

Your true best is your best. Trust it. Celebrate it. Know that it can bring you all the way home.

Wherever you are on your journey today, you’ve got this!