You Are Author, Director, and Star of Your Life – Day 204 of 365 Days to a Better You

Today’s Affirmation

This my life and I OWN it!

Have you become a bystander in your own life? Are other people or circumstances or old habits running your days and becoming your destiny?

We are a culture of spectators and many people have come to believe that outside forces determine their fates. Do you believe that…even a little?

I’m here to remind you that’s not how it’s supposed to be. You are no bit player in your life. You are the author, the director, and the star. If you’ve handed the leading role to someone else, grab the limelight back. This is your script, your scene, and your role.

This movie is about you and you were chosen out of all the living vibrations in this multiverse to come here at this time and in this place to make this blockbuster.

Refuse to fade into the background in your own show. Work and rework the script. Sit proudly in the director’s chair. Bring your story to life.

I believe in you. Meet me halfway and believe in you too!


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