Remember Who You REALLY Are – Day 71 of 365 Days to a Better You

Remember who you really are.

We are vagabonds traveling through time and space in these earthen bodies. It all feels very solid and real. Yet, beyond the 80 years or so most of us spend here, lies an eternity stretching back into the past and off into the future. All that time we’ve been something other than what we are now.

If you boil down all the great spiritual traditions to their humblest cores and even throw in the insights of modern science, we are all small parts of some far greater whole.

If you look at the ocean from below the surface, you’ll see bubbles forming above. The bubbles appear and disappear in an instant like these forms of ours. Yet, the bubbles are not made of bubble material. They are made of ocean. They are born from the ocean. They appear as a bubble for a moment upon the ocean and then return to their true nature – pure ocean.

Power hack: My friends, you may be feel small and temporary some days like the bubble. Let me firmly assure you. You are made of ocean not bubble. You are extension of this universe and the intelligence behind it not something random or separate.

If you can live as much of your day and your life as possible in state of utter realization about this important fact, you will never feel small, temporary, or unimportant. In fact, I would argue each and every one of us indispensable to the great ocean of existence of which we are a part.

You are amazing and never forget it!


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