Best Me Affirmation Video

Do you ever feel like your best you is right there? You can see it, taste it, smell it.

With repeated listening, the Best Me affirmation helps you believe in the best you and become that person.

The Relaxing version of this affirmation is set to ocean waves. It encourages you to be and reminds you that you are the best you can be each day. Allow the words to pour over you. Absorb them consciously. Know for certain that each and every moment you are doing the best you can until you can do better.

May it inspire you to be confident, to forgive, to give yourself a break, and to push yourself to be more than you were yesterday.


The affirmation is recorded in the first and second person.

  • Day after day, I am the BEST me I can be.
  • Day after day, You are the BEST you you can be.


Download MP3 version to add to your playlist.

Keep on rocking on!


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Wednesday Affirmations

wodenWednesday is the English word for the fourth day of the week. In modern times, it’s midway position in the work week has earned it the nickname “Hump Day.” The English word goes back to the Old English Wodensdaeg or “Day of Woden.” Woden or Odin was the chief Germanic God. He had his roots in Norse mythology and was known as the God of death, healing, royalty, knowledge, sorcery, and battle among other things.

He is often compared to the Roman God Mercury. In fact, the French word for Wednesday – Mercredi – translates as Day of Mercury.

However you revere the day, here are some affirmations to help you get through your Wednesday!

  1. Wednesday is MY day! While others are getting over the hump, I’m climbing to my dreams!
  2. I am super-charging my mind, my heart, and my body for a successful and happy Wednesday.
  3. Wednesday rocks! Today I am half way to this week’s goals!
  4. Wednesday is MY day! I avoid the midweek lull and keep pushing toward my dreams!
  5. While the competition is busy “getting over the hump,” I am busy closing business!
  6. Wednesday is go time! I’m ready to finish this week strong!
  7. Today is the center of my week and my opportunity to refocus and recenter myself.

Follow your bliss. Experience your bliss. Become your bliss.


Ray Davis is the founder of The Affirmation Spot. He’s been studying and practicing personal development for 30 years. He’s also studied many of the world’s spiritual traditions and mythologies.

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