Trump Didn’t Do It – Day 29 of 365 Days to a Better You

You are responsible for your outcome.

Happy Kansas Day to my readers back in Kansas!

OK. I’ll admit. This title is a little “click-baity.” I promise there’s a point and a very important one. I need you to hear this one loudly and clearly because our society sends a ton of messaging telling us to look outside for the source of our challenges and for their solutions.

No occupant of the White House, no famous singer, amazing athlete, your mother, your brother, or your dog has more control over the outcome of your life than you. No one.

Question. Did you spend more time today idolizing someone or despising someone than you did building your dreams and bettering yourself? If so, my friend, that’s a problem. If Donald Trump or Beyonce or the fate of your football team decide your mood, stop your progress, knock you off your game…that’s a problem.

Donald Trump, Beyonce, your boss, or your mother-in-law don’t have to live the life you create for you when most of your time is spent on them and not you.

Wayne Dyer used to tell a great story, In the days when he was a practicing psychiatrist, he’d have patients come in and tell him their kids stressed them out or their father never gave them a chance, etc. He jokingly, but pointedly, said, “Ok. I’m going to write a prescription for your kids and your father and you’ll get better.”

When you put it that way, we all see how preposterous that is and usually elicited a big laugh from Wayne’s audiences – even those of us who had heard it before. But, many most of us most of the time and all of us some of time waste our time on energy wanting someone else to change so we can be happy or successful.

The only person that has that level of control over our lives is  you and me. The minute we get – I mean really get – that Donald Trump, Beyonce, and your mother-in-law have next to nothing to do with your outcome, you can get on with the important business at hand.

It’s a powerful realization and one that we are better served by the quicker to we see it.

Have a fantastic day and I will talk to you again soon.


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