Tomorrow’s Life is Born in Today’s Mind

One of the keys to understanding the power of the mind and its thinking that pushes and pull the waves of destiny is this.

It’s not one thought in one moment that shifts our lives or the world. It’s our persistent, habitual way of thinking that’s the force that constructs the universe.

Our present thinking – individually and collectively – is constantly busy building the future reality we will experience next.

So, it falls to us to think thoughts that build rather destroy, expand rather than limit, and love rather than fear.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!


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Thoughts Literally Create Our Lives and Our Headlines

The message of affirmations, raising your vibration, and shifting the world is not really complex. It’s ubiquitous as the baseline of spiritual teachings from around the world. That premise is now backed by decades of scientific confirmation. As Mike Dooley says, “Thoughts become things.”

1) Our feelings become our thoughts.
2) Our thoughts become our actions.
3) Our actions become our individual lives.
4) The same is true for everyone else around us.
5) Our collective feelings, thoughts, and actions become our daily headlines.

There’s a simple valve at the beginning of that process. Most humans, for whatever reason – nature, nurture, or both – have a rather negative default setting that forms the basis of their feelings. Unguarded, that negativity passes into their thoughts and actions and becomes the world we see around us.

Meditation, prayer, affirmations are all methods for learning to guard the the thoughts by raising their vibration to something productive rather than destructive.

We are constantly telling ourselves a story about our world and ourselves. That story generally creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Those thoughts:

I am/I am not
I can/I can’t
I’m amazing/I’m f’d up

are constantly flowing through our minds, into our actions, and out into the world. Because it’s unconscious and mainly reactionary, unless we consciously choose to change it, our world winds up being a summation of that thinking and those actions.

People are angry and empty and they don’t even know why.

All I’m saying is two simple things:

1) You’re in control of your thoughts and they go a long way toward creating your life.
2) The more people get that and apply it, the better world we’ll collectively create.

It’s not vapid, vague, or incomprehensible. It’s backed by tons of modern science and 5000 thousand years of spiritual teaching. Anyone can apply these principles by controlling that valve between raw emotion and productive thoughts and actions that move us forward.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, TOU are awesome!


Thoughts Become Things – Day 87 of 365 Days to a Better You

Thoughts become things!

Though this idea that thoughts become things has been articulated many times, this particular formulation comes from Mike Dooley, best-selling author and founder of Notes from the Universe.

This seems like a simple enough fact. So, why am I posting it on a week when we’re delving into topics about the unknown?

First, let’s deal with the readily apparent but not often discussed fact that literally every THING around you began with a THOUGHT. Heck, most creation stories even say the universe was created with thoughts or words. Consider the implications. Thinking LITERALLY manifests the world around us. How profound is that?

Guess what? We’re all thinkers and we all have that power onboard. So, why didn’t school or Sunday school or the wider culture make you aware of that from an early age? Sadly and frankly, you are easier to control when you feel powerless and weak than if you know you have an innate ability to create the world around you.

So what’s the mystery? The mystery is HOW thoughts become things. This is important. I think you’ll agree that while thoughts do become things not ALL thoughts become things. What’s “The Secret?”

You live in a manifest world of structure and things. However, that can only rightly be said to emerge from a world of formlessness and thinglessness. How do thoughts cross that threshold and how do they become not only things but POWERFUL things?

Thoughts are energy, but they remain neutral energy until action occurs. Action is the mechanism that helps thoughts cross into the physical world. However, that’s not enough to make a big impact. Emotion is the magnifier. It takes the energy of a thought and sends it like a ripple out into the world. These ripples, sent out consistently and with purpose, solidify into things.

Do you remember that idea you had for a cool invention, but you never acted? Then sometime later you saw a commercial for your idea as a product? You had a thought. Maybe you even took some action. However, it was not consistent and sustained enough for it to become a thing. Meanwhile, someone else had that thought, put it into action, and pushed it forward with emotion until it emerged as a thing.

In very basic terms, this is how your thoughts become things. They can be “good” things, “bad” things, or neutral things. The key is they all begin with a thought, are put into motion by action, and are magnified with a powerful positive emotion like belief.

That is how thoughts become things. I’d love to hear your comments or experiences below.

Have an AWESOME day!


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