Trump Didn’t Do It – Day 29 of 365 Days to a Better You

You are responsible for your outcome.

Happy Kansas Day to my readers back in Kansas!

OK. I’ll admit. This title is a little “click-baity.” I promise there’s a point and a very important one. I need you to hear this one loudly and clearly because our society sends a ton of messaging telling us to look outside for the source of our challenges and for their solutions.

No occupant of the White House, no famous singer, amazing athlete, your mother, your brother, or your dog has more control over the outcome of your life than you. No one.

Question. Did you spend more time today idolizing someone or despising someone than you did building your dreams and bettering yourself? If so, my friend, that’s a problem. If Donald Trump or Beyonce or the fate of your football team decide your mood, stop your progress, knock you off your game…that’s a problem.

Donald Trump, Beyonce, your boss, or your mother-in-law don’t have to live the life you create for you when most of your time is spent on them and not you.

Wayne Dyer used to tell a great story, In the days when he was a practicing psychiatrist, he’d have patients come in and tell him their kids stressed them out or their father never gave them a chance, etc. He jokingly, but pointedly, said, “Ok. I’m going to write a prescription for your kids and your father and you’ll get better.”

When you put it that way, we all see how preposterous that is and usually elicited a big laugh from Wayne’s audiences – even those of us who had heard it before. But, many most of us most of the time and all of us some of time waste our time on energy wanting someone else to change so we can be happy or successful.

The only person that has that level of control over our lives isĀ  you and me. The minute we get – I mean really get – that Donald Trump, Beyonce, and your mother-in-law have next to nothing to do with your outcome, you can get on with the important business at hand.

It’s a powerful realization and one that we are better served by the quicker to we see it.

Have a fantastic day and I will talk to you again soon.


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Take the Wheel in Your Life

Today’s Affirmation:

Today I stand up! Today I stand out! Today I stand strong!

skipperIf your strategy is to let life happen to you; it will. It’s time to put you back in the driver’s seat in your life. Ask yourself, honestly, “Am I the driver or the passenger in my life?”

Yes, I know we can’t control everything that happens to us. I also understand the wisdom of just being and going with the flow.

Neither is a reason to not be the driver in your own life. Things out of your control are going to happen whether you are the driver or the passenger in your life. That’s no reason not to be steering the things you can control. There is wisdom in “just being”, but it is so much more beneficial when done as a conscious choice to enhance your life rather than as the result of sitting in a rudderless boat.

Wayne Dyer talks about being not only the actor in your life, but also the director and producer. Actors are just given scripts that they then play out. They have no say in how the story line progresses. Directors make conscious choices about how the story is going to be told. Producers select the ideas that become the story lines created by directors and actors.

CHOOSE your storyline. It’s not enough to just tell or act someone else’s vision of your life. Put yourself in the driver’s seat.

Here are a few tips for putting you in the driver’s seat.

  1. Be the driver – stop seeing yourself as the passenger in a life where things “just happen” to you. You have a say and you have a lot of control over what happens in your life and how you react and adapt to it.
  2. Make the decisions – if you have become a passenger in your life, you have probably given control to someone else. Take it back. Be ready to accept advice from others (many heads are better than one), but make your own decisions.
  3. Take credit and responsibility – give yourself the credit for your achievements and take responsibility for your failures. Others play a role in successes and failures, but you are ultimately responsible for the results and choices in your life.
  4. Get back up – getting knocked down or facing a setback is an event not a way of life for people driving their lives. Life is full of bumps and bruises. Adapt and move on.
  5. Empower your thinking– practice empowered thinking. Here are the three aspects of empowered thinking.
    • Thought aspect – you have to think positively. Belief and commitment are important in any endeavor. Show me two people of equal talent – one who believes in his or her ability and one who does not – and I can tell you with high accuracy who will succeed. Positive thinking is imperative to maximize success potential in any endeavor. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t; you’re are right.” Positive thinking is the basis for empowered thinking, but empowered thinking is more than just positive thinking. It incorporates two more elements.
    • Knowledge aspect – you have to be informed. In achievement pursuits, know what you are trying to achieve and be informed on what is going to be involved in succeeding. Knowing that ahead of time can help you prepare mentally for it. When empowering your thinking to critically evaluate information you need to know as many of the facts as possible. Positive thinking without information does not allow you to take powerful action. When you combine positive thinking with information you lay the groundwork for powerful action in your life.
    • Action aspect – empowered thinking is more than just thinking and knowing. Empowered thinking includes action. If you have incorporated the first two elements, your actions can be motivated and informed. Until there is action, informed positive thinking is just wishful thinking. Your world is supported by intentions, but it is built by actions.
  6. Take action – the driver’s seat is a place of action. The passenger’s seat is a place of passivity, paralysis, and fear of moving forward and making change. Take action. Some actions don’t work out, but you cannot allow that fear to stop you from being the driver in your life.

If you’ve been the passenger for too long, make today the day to shift back over into the driver’s seat. Take the wheel and start steering!

Follow your bliss! Experience your bliss! Become your bliss!


Ray Davis is the Founder of The Affirmation Spot and focuses on empowering minds to think positively, achieve goals, and live dreams.

anunnaki_cover_full_colorHe is the author of the Anunnaki Awakening series (2015). Book 1 – Revelation – is now available in paperback and on Kindle. Can one woman really change the world? Can she expose a lie told for millennia? Can she make the future possible for two worlds?