Roadblocks Are Shortcuts – The Affirmation Spot for Thursday June 18, 2009

Today’s affirmation is:

“The roadblocks in my life are simply shortcuts to something better than I had planned.” (click the affirmation to hear the mp3 version)

Today’s affirmation is a testament to our ability, indeed, our necessity to turn life’s obstacles into opportunities. There is an old saying that life is what happens to us on the way to our dreams. We think we are so smart and we have it all figured out and yet life, inevitably, throws us for a loop.

We have a choice. We can sit and pout because things didn’t turn out as we’d scripted them. Or, we can push forward with renewed determination.

Sometimes – as much as we hate to admit it – the universe’s wisdom or God’s is sounder than our own. The very thing that messed up our perfected plans can be the key that unlocks whole new possibilities.

It’s all in how we process the event and what we choose to make out of it. However, we can only find the key when we view the detour as the blessing it truly is rather than as a curse.

So today when something seems to be going wrong and you feel that stress, frustration, or anger rising; stop look around and see how this “setback” might actually be a setup for something better.

May your day be filled with roadblocks ready to transform into shortcuts to your success and happiness.

Stay inspired!


The Affirmation Spot

2009 Affirmation

“This year I am absolutely committed to being the person I came here to be!”

Hawaii Part II: Your Personal Road to Hana – The Affirmation Spot for Tuesday May 6, 2008

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Today’s featured affirmation is:

“I am a visionary. I see and respond to trends well ahead of the pack.” (repeats 3 times)

“You are a visionary. You see and respond to trends well ahead of the pack.” (repeats 3 times)

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Good morning! My apologies for the sporadic posts of late. We returned from Hawaii to a lot of work and then I got blasted with some bronchitus. I’m human like everyone else.

Today is part two of our Hawaii trip and, of course, it would not be The Affirmation Spot if I failed to tie it to something in our lives.

We left our intrepid voyagers sailing from Hilo to Maui on Day 3 of their trip. We awoke to see the beautiful Western Maui mountains from our balcony as we cruised into Kahului, Maui.

The harbor in Kahului is a working harbor. Normally, you find ships and barges being unloaded by giant cranes and lines of trucks ready to supply island’s ever-growing need for supplies.

It’s also not unusual, morning or night, to see some of the local canoe racing clubs practicing on the course laid out in harbor.

Our Day 1 Maui excursion was the Road to Hana. Hana is a small, remote town on Maui’s southeast coast. The area was one of the last on the island to be modernized. There was no paved road to the area until 1926. The town is situated between a giant rainforest and the coast. It is also the heart of Maui’s cattle industry and you can see the odd sight of cattle grazing right next to white sandy beaches.

For those of you who have never been, “The Road to Hana” spans 52 miles from the port and features, 617 curves, 56 one-lane bridges, many more two-lane hairpin turns around jagged rock, and sheer drops that reveal some of the most unspoiled coastline in the islands.

There are places along the Hana Road that are just too beautiful not to stop. April snapped these photos during our stop at Honomanu Bay.


There was lush rainforest foliage and majestic jungle waterfalls. The African Tulip Trees were in full bloom.


 What begins as a 52-mile drive turns into quite a journey and experience. Because of the mountain roads, it takes about 3 hours to get to Hana (and that was on a nice day). The road, the awesome beauty, the changes from jungle, to jagged coastline, to farmland remind me of our lives.

We start with the best of intentions on a straight line towards our goals in life. Along the way, life has its twists and turns like The Road to Hana. We have to adjust and deal with the curves and not let them distract or deter us from our goals.

 As we gain wisdom, we come to understand that the unexpected detours are often what adds the value and the meaning to our experience of life. Without them, our lives would be mundane and boring even if they might be easier.

In the end, if we ride the curves and stand by our dreams we are rewarded for the effort. On the Road to Hana that reward comes at the magnificent Halekala National Park. The O’heo (Seven Sacred) pools and an awe-inspiring view of the untamed Pacific are the reward on this journey.


 Here nature fills your senses demanding that you take stock and reflect on your journey. The sound of the wild Pacific pounding against the Maui coast drowns confusion and doubt. It washes away care and concern and leaves you feeling at one with all you see. This is definitely worth the journey!

This is the feeling we experience when we achieve our goals and dreams too. All the hardship we experienced along the road is graciously welcomed as experience. All the naysayers and negatives vanish like the ghosts they always were. We are left in awe that we could be so blessed.

Maybe today you are only on curve 201 of 614 on the way to your dream. That’s Ok. Maybe one of the beautiful sights along the way has momentarily distracted you. Don’t sweat it. If your dreams have meaning, you will continue on the road. You will get back on track and you will finish your personal Road to Hana.

I know you can do it! Those who turn back never see the dreams. Those who continue the journey one day at a time will find their reward.

Stay inspired!






The Power of Struggle in Our Lives – The Affirmation Spot for Saturday March 29, 2008

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“It is not the mountain I conquer, but myself. I am reaching for the top of the mountain and my day in the sun is here.” (repeats 4 times)

“It is not the mountain you conquer, but yourself. You are reaching for the top of the mountain and your day in the sun is here.” (repeats 4 times)

Hear an audio mp3 version of this affirmation right now.

A brief article in this week’s People Magazine reveals that Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling once went through a bout of severe depression. The article, based on an interview by University of Edinburgh senior Adeel Amini, quotes Rowling as saying, “We’re talking suicidal thoughts here – not I’m a little miserable.” Obviously, Rowling was able to move through that difficult patch of life and move on to great things.

I live in Kansas. Our state motto is Ad Astra per Aspera – translated “to the stars with difficulty.” That really is the story of being human.  Struggle is a fact of life. Most successful people had to “overcome their demons” to succeed in life. It has certainly been the case in my own life.

I’m not saying that we should readily invite struggle and difficulty into our lives. Only that when we experience it we should remember that it presents an opportunity for growth, change, and self-improvement. The reason, I believe, struggle often is a precursor to success is that struggle is a point of decision.

We either give up and give in or we push forward. In the pushing, we often open new doors and new possibilities that would not have appeared in our complacency.

Struggle is a powerful catalyst that can transform us. It may be painful and our human nature is to avoid it or push it away. However, if we can find the strength to face it and seek its new opportunity, we may just wind up on our way to the next best thing.

Be peaceful Be positive Be prosperous!


The Promise of New Life – The Affirmation Spot for Tuesday December 11, 2007

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grass_through_snow.jpgToday’s affirmation is:


“Difficulities are doorways to something better than I had planned.”

“The entire cosmos is made up of clashing forces and polarities, yet without this seeming conflict, the universe itself could not exist. Life is a dance of opposites that involves destruction, rebirth, pain, and joy.”

~ David Fideler

The powerful symbology is important in Fideler’s quote. We have many of familiar aphorisms that confirm this idea such as, “It’s always darkest just before the dawn,” or even that famous gym affirmation “no pain, no gain.”

It is certainly a very old and very common human concept that out of pain, difficulty, and death comes new life. The Hindus recognize this interplay in their personification of Shiva, “The God of Destruction,” who is also recognized as the “Bringer of New Birth.” The Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Naht Hanh talks about the cycle of the beautiful rose that dies, becomes garbage, and then can be used as fertilizer to grow a new rose.

For whatever reason, adversity is often the birthplace of the best things in our lives. Think about your own past. Even though you dread the pain and struggle that comes with tough times, were those times not the seeds of some of your greatest triumphs?

So, am I extolling the virtues of pain and suffering? Suggesting that you should go looking for difficulty as a kind of initiation experience leading the greater joy? No.

As the saying goes, “Into every life, a little rain must fall.” We all face the proverbial winter in our lives. Things seem bleak, lifeless, maybe even hopeless. Yet, even on the coldest day of winter, the signs of new life are only inches below the surface waiting to emerge.

This is just a reminder – in case you are experiencing one of those times right now or for when you experience it in the future – to always be looking for the spring sprouts of new life. You can count on them always being there, if only you look closely enough.  For as surely as the seasons come and go in nature, they come and go in our lives.

Hope everyone is enjoying spring in their lives today, but if not be looking for its signs.

Be peaceful Be prosperous

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