Soulmate Affirmation

Hey, my friends.

If you’re someone out there looking for your soulmate, this affirmation buoys your mindset and allows you to keep going when setback comes. Your day and your soulmate are coming!


#Soulmate Coming Affirmation – Motivational Speech

6 Attracting Love Affirmations

Good morning fellow affirmers! Love and an intimate relationship is something the vast majority of us seek in our lives. Having that one partner to experience the journey with is one of life’s great fulfillments.

If you’re still looking for that relationship or seeking it anew, these affirmations are for you.

Wherever you are on your journey today, remember to keep your mind on your side.


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The Relationship You Truly Deserve Affirmation

Happy Thursday, my friends!

Whether you’re in a long-term, committed relationship or you’re looking for that relationship, you deserve a relationship that’s worthy of what you have to offer. That’s the premise of this affirmation.

No relationship and no partner is perfect nor are you. But, you do deserve your relationship to be one of love and respect and fulfillment. If you don’t have that, what’s the point?

This affirmation, listened to regularly, infuses your consciousness with your righteous sense of entitlement to such a relationship in your life and, by the way, so does your partner. For best results, listen to this affirmation repeatedly and with headphones. OWN the first-person version and absorb the second-person version as you listen.


  • First-person: The relationship I truly deserve is coming to my right now.
  • Second-person: The relationship you truly deserve is coming to you right now.

Wherever you are on your journey today, remember you’re a one-in-a-trillion miracle.

Keep putting your mind on your side.


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You ARE Worthy of Love – Day 45 of 365 Days to a Better You

Love someone and find someone to love.

Let’s take a break today from 10 Empowering Ideas. We’ll come back to that tomorrow. Today is the day of romantic love – St. Valentine’s Day.

Let’s just start here. If you’re reading this and you’re still breathing, YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVE. PERIOD!

Finding someone to love and who loves you back is one of the most sacred and gut-wrenching endeavors of our lives. Like so many things in our society, we’ve turned it into a kind of transaction. I’ll trade you my beauty for your wealth and success or I’ll agree to ignore your flaws if you’ll ignore mine. Will you please, please, please love me because I need someone to.

My wife, April, has been a big fan of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise for many years. Time and again, you see smart, beautiful, talented people leave that show, muttering through their tears something to the effect of, “Why won’t anyone ever love me?”

You can see the pain on their faces and the deep-seated concern that, despite all they obviously bring to the table, no one could or will ever love them.

I feel that every time because I spent quite a few years in my teens and 20’s feeling that exact way. During the early part of that period I was painfully shy and lacked the confidence to even ask someone out. In the later part of that period, I had a number of relationships where I was putting the love and effort in, but there was no love or effort coming back to me. I had a number of Bachelor moments wondering, sadly, if I was just cursed by love or unlovable.

I went through some counseling to deal with the self-esteem and the “I’m not lovable” aspects. I also decided I was not cursed. I just needed to find someone who appreciated what I brought to the table and stop focusing my time pining away for those who didn’t. In my early 30s, yes my 30s, I made it a key focus of my life to find love.

You know, there’s an ancient Greek myth that is the source of our concept of soulmate. The gods feared that human beings would one day ascend Mt. Olympus and threaten the rule of the gods. The story goes, that humans were exactly twice as big in those days and included both a masculine and feminine side. The gods devised a devious plan to keep humans occupied and their rule safe. They split humans into two – the male and the female – and condemned humans to spending their lives trying to find their other half. Thus preoccupied, they had no time or energy to battle the gods. Damn those gods!

It’s an interesting story and when you’re looking for love, it can sure feel like “the gods” are working against you. Don’t give up! Don’t give in! Keep looking! I GUARANTEE you there is someone out there who will be thrilled to love you and that you will be thrilled to love.

If you think you know who that someone is, get in the game now! Take action. Be bold. When is a better time than Valentine’s Day to just go for it?

Here’s a clue. If he or she is alone, they’re probably looking too. Trust me, they’re not as perfect and “above you” as you think. Send the card, the flowers, or the chocolates. Put yourself out there. It’s a risk, but a WORTHY and WORTH IT risk.

For those of you who have found that special someone, cherish it. Nourish it. There’s nothing better than having that partner, friend, and lover to go through this life with. Finally, when I was 35, I met April. We’ve now enjoyed an amazing 20 years together. Every year has been an adventure. We challenge each other in good and, sometimes, challenging ways. We have a built-in best friend. There’s nothing like it.

For all of us, finding someone to love in this world is a noble endeavor and a hard-fought accomplishment. Who are we to question who other people love? Two souls finding each other in this twisted maze of our world is an amazing thing and always worthy of being celebrated and respected.

Here are a few dozen affirmations (since I can’t send you roses) to help propel you wherever you are on your journey to love. Wishing you a beautiful Valentine’s Day with your cherished one. If you’re without this year, seriously, there’s NOTHING wrong with you. Your moment and your person is out there. If you’re still looking for him or her, he or she is still looking for you.

Love, peace, and happiness.



Love Affirmations

Thought for Today:

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
Lao Tzu





In Love

  1. Today my relationship provides a safe foundation for me to stretch myself and grow!
  2. Today I upgrade what I bring to my relationship from ‘I need you’ to ‘I complete you!’
  3. True love transforms, inspires, and enlightens. Today I am all three!
  4. Today and everyday, I experience connection, compassion, and joy in my relationship!
  5. Love is more than a. feeling. Unleashed by you, it is a force of nature in my life!
  6. I choose my path. I choose my partner. I choose you for this journey with me!
  7. I am a great wife/girlfriend. I’ve mastered the art of when to give my husband/boyfriend love and support and when to give him his space.
  8. I am a great husband/boyfriend. I always remember to do the little things that makes my wife’s /girlfriend’s life happy.
  9. It’s not perfection, but connection I seek in my relationship and today I find it!
  10. Today and every day, love is the foundation of my relationship and joy is the result!
  11. I am perfectly attuned to my soulmate. We are two beings working together towards common goals.
  12. Today and every day, my world is a better place because [insert name] is a part of my life!
  13. My relationship is rooted in the fertile soil of love. Stormy moments only push the roots deeper.
  14. My relationship is becoming more loving and more open each and every day.
  15. My soul mate and I are two parts of one whole. Nothing can keep us apart!
  16. Today I remember there is more to my relationship than always getting what I want!
  17. I care about and contribute to my partner’s happiness, but I am not responsible for it.
  18. My [significant other] and I are a team. We are defining and achieving our dreams together.
  19. Today I am committed to my relationship. I want it to work and it is!
  20. Day in and day out, my relationship embraces me with feelings of connection and love.
  21. I am enjoying a relationship that brings the love and understanding I deserve in my life.
  22. Today and every day, my relationship thrives on love and acceptance.
  23. Today I nourish my most important relationship so that it can flourish far into the future.
  24. My relationship is what I make of it and I CHOOSE to create a relationship that nourishes my spirit!

Attracting Love

  1. I deserve a great guy/girl in my life! He/she is coming my way right now!
  2.  Today my thinking shifts from I need to be in a relationship to I deserve to be in a great relationship!
  3. I am attracting a relationship that brings the love and understanding I deserve in my life.
  4. Opportunities for love are abundant in my life!
  5. Today I know that Mr./Ms. Right is coming my way now. I can just feel it!
  6. Today and every day, I am meeting interesting (guys/women) with soulmate potential!
  7. I am whole and complete with a relationship or without!
  8. My soulmate and I are on an unavoidable collision course. Today we are one step closer to finding each other.
  9. Today I am attracting only the most incredible men/women into my life!
  10. There is someone out there for me and today I am closer tha ever to finding him/her!
  11. The woman/man of my dreams is walking into my life right now!
  12. I attract only the relationships I deserve. Today I get the best because I deserve the best!
  13. Every relationship risks heartbreak, but there is a relationship out there for me that is worth every risk!
  14. Today I am making room in my life for the special relationship I seek. That relationship is coming to me now.

Distance Love

  1. What the eye cannot see, the heart can still hold and I hold you in my heart each and every day.
  2. The distance is a plus in my relationship right now. It forces communication and communication builds trust.
  3. Today and every day the distance between us is bridged by love.
  4. Miles can separate our bodies, but I refuse to let them separate our hearts!
  5. Today and every day, I send my heart to you at the velocity of love!

Remembering Love

  1. I experience this wave of pain today, but I deserve the best in my relationship and I will have it!
  2. Often I grieve for my loss, but today I am healed by the memory of our love.
  3. Today I am strong enough to face all my tomorrows because of all my yesterdays with you!
  4. True love never dies and today I am warmly embraced by our endless love.

Healing a Relationship

  1. My relationship is a cornerstone in my life. Today I seek solutions not blame!
  2. Our relationship is built on forgiveness. Today forgiveness is creating a new day for our relationship!
  3. I willingly give respect in my relationship and I demand the same in return!
  4. I am trusted to the degree I trust. Today we are building a relationship fueled by the trust I give!
  5. I willingly give respect in my relationship and I demand the same in return!
  6. As I become a stronger person, I become a better partner!
  7. I lovingly stand my ground in my relationship and demand the respect I deserve!
  8. Today I am rebuilding my relationship. I am absolutely committed to making it stronger than ever before.
  9. I am 100% committed to saving my relationship. Today I communicate it unequivocally on every level!
  10. I am a strong, independent person who is absolutely committed to making my relationship work.
  11. Today my relationship is built on the desire to be understood rather than the need to be right.

Self Love

  1. I AM beautiful! I AM worthy! I AM me and proud of it!
  2. Before a relationship I’m amazing and beautiful! In a relationship, I’m amazing and beautiful!
  3. My beauty flows from inside to out. As I recognize my inner beauty, my outer beauty blossoms.
  4. To see the beauty I want to see in the world, I must first see it in me. Today I see it clearly!
  5. I unconditionally love and respect myself in every way.
  6. Those who told me I was unworthy were wrong. I AM worthy! I’m more sure of it today than ever before!
  7. I am the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am glad to be who I am!
  8. As I feel more attractive, I AM more attractive. Today I am very attractive!
  9. Being who I am is a blessing and a rush. There’s no one else I’d rather be!
  10. I am a unique and worthy person. I require no more justification than that to be exactly who I am.
  11. I am beautiful in mind, beautiful in body, beautiful in spirit.

Stay committed to love in all things!

Ray Davis is the founder of The Affirmation Spot. He’s spent more than 25 years studying personal development and especially writing, recording, and using affirmations to achieve his goals. His eBook – The Power to Be You – offers 416 life-changing and original quotes, ideas, and affirmations to take you to new levels of achievement and reflection.

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