Affirm With Me: Calm in the Center of the Storm Affirmation

Hello, my friends!

Put your mind on your side.


Your life can be chaotic. Sometimes it feels like you are in the center of the storm. When you feel that way, take a breath and repeat this affirmation to yourself a few times. Recognize that you can’t control the storm, but you can control you.

Power of This Moment Affirmations

These #affirmations are built around the quote- Every moment has within it the power to change every moment that came before it. They remind you that anything is possible in any moment. The entire past or the entire present can be rewritten in an instant. That’s the awesome power inherent in the universe we inhabit.

If you can harness a firm belief in this principle and use to your advantage, you soon realize that you’re never without hope, courage, dreams, a better future, or a reason to keep going.

As always, these affirmations are recorded in the first and second-person for maximum impact. For best results, bookmark this video and listen to it every day for three weeks and then periodically thereafter.

Wherever you are on your journey today, put your mind on your side.


Friday Morning Affirmation for July 15, 2022

Good morning, my friends!

Let this always be said of you. You finish the week strong.

Have a peaceful and prosperous Friday!


Passive Income Affirmations

Most of us have come to the conclusion that simply having a day job will never grant you either financial freedom nor economic security in this rapidly shifting world.

To secure your economic well-being, you must develop multiple streams of income and as passively as possible to multiply your effort. The goal is to do the work once and keep getting paid.

Fortunately, we live in a moment when there have never been so many ways to do this. It’s not always easy and there’s often work to get something off the ground, but once you do you can see extra money rolling in every month.

Today’s affirmations are aimed at putting your mind on your side in this process. To build a powerful passive income mindset, listen to these affirmations regularly for about three weeks and then periodically after that.

Whatever your means of improving your financial outlook, I wish you success and the jot that can only come when you have more control over your financial destiny.

You’re awesome! You’re ready! Get out there and make it happen!


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Remembering Your True Self Affirmation

Good morning, affirmers!

Who are we beyond this human mask? Philosophers and theologians have debated this for millennia. These affirmations take one perspective that I’ve come believe after studying many of those concepts from around the world.

It’s simple to say what we are not – at least not ONLY. We are not just this ego, this bodily form, or this few decades we walk upon the earth in it.

I don’t buy into the idea that we’re these horrible children trying work ourselves back into the good graces of an advanced being that put us here. There may be an advanced being, or intelligence, but that’s not its purpose or relationship to us.

I believe we are multidimensional, eternal beings traveling across the time and space since time immemorial. We choose this form or that because we want to add it our individual experience or to the collective experience of all existence.

That said, “the jungles of time and space” as Mike Dooley describes it, can become so intense that it can uproot us from our “higher” self.

These affirmations break some affirmations rules. I’m using the world not because it’s critical to remind yourself who you truly are versus this temporary part of yourself.

Enjoy the ride of this life. It’s what you’re here to do, but also don’t lose your connection to what is real. These affirmations help.


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