July 16 Affirmations

I am going to begin semi-regular topical affirmations of the day posts. These will be affirmations in several popular categories all in one post. If there is a category you’d like to see added for future posts, please leave a comment.

May at least one of these hit the spot for you today!

Stay inspired!


  • Wealth Affirmation: As my mind expands and expects wealth in my life, my wallet opens to receive it.
  • Career Affirmation: Today is day! The job of my dreams is coming my way!
  • Business Affirmation: Today and every day, I build my business on the foundations of integrity, determination, and vision.
  • Sales Affirmation: I am the very embodiment of a sales professional. Customers are attracted to that and buy what I’m selling.
  • Health Affirmation: My immune system is healthy, strong, and protecting me.
  • Gym Affirmation: Step by step and rep by rep, I am building my ideal body.
  • Recovery Affirmation: Moment by moment and brick by brick, I am building a life of things more important than my addiction.
  • Spiritual Affirmation: My connection to spirit (God, the Universe) is stronger than ever before!
  • Relationship Affirmation: When I am ready my ideal relationship appears. I am ready today!
  • Writer Affirmation: Whenever I meet a blank page amazing things happen!
  • Education Affirmation: Today I release my mental blocks to taking tests and ace them instead!
  • Nature Affirmation: The Earth is an amazing blessing and every day I find ways to appreciate it.

Relationships in 2010 – The Affirmation Spot for Monday January 4, 2010

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  • Seeking Relationship Affirmation: My soul mate and I are two parts of one whole. Nothing can keep us apart!
  • Existing Relationship Affirmation: My [fill in relationship] and I are a team! We are conceiving and achieving our dreams together!
  • Relationship Empowerment Affirmation: I attract only the relationships I deserve. Today I get the best because I deserve the best!
  • Distance Relationship Affirmation: The distance is a plus in my relationship right now. It forces communication and communication builds trust.

Well, here we go. It’s the first work week of the new year. The parties are over and the resolutions have been made. One area many of you have probably resolved to address this year is relationships. Maybe you’re looking for Mr. or Ms. Right or maybe you just want to take your existing relationship to the next level.

Your relationships are no different from other aspects of your life. Your thoughts about them and about yourself play a huge role in their success or failure. Pay particular attention to your current self-talk about your relationships.

Are you constantly saying or thinking negative things about your current relationship or partner? Are you constantly expressing or thinking doubtful thoughts about your ability to secure a meaningful relationship in your life? Are you setting yourself up for failure by creating standards impossible for anyone else to meet?

If your relationship situation is not where you want it to be, work on changing your thinking.

How to do it:

  1. Become aware your self-talk about relationships, your partner, or yourself.
  2. Identify the areas where your self-talk is sabotaging your relationship or relationship prospects.
  3. Create affirmations that specifically address 3-5 of the negative thoughts you have about relationships.
  4. Use your affirmations daily to help improve your relationship outlook.

As you transition the way you think about relationship, you will see improvements in your actual relationship situation. Your relationships will never exceed your thinking about them. In 2010, though, you can improve your thinking and have the relationship you want in your life by next year at this time.

Stay inspired!


2010 Affirmation

“2010 is my year! This is the year I break free. This is the year I break through! This is the year I break out!”