Catch Yourself Doing it Right – Day 23 of 365 Days to a Better You

Catch yourself doing something right.

You’ve heard the parenting catch-phrase, “catch your kids doing something right.” Later the phrase migrated into the workplace as advice for managers, “catch your employees doing something right.”

What about you? Do you focus on what you’re doing right? You ever celebrate what you did right?

I’d be willing to bet you’re doing a lot of things right. If you’re reading this blog each day (and thank you if you are), you’ve probably identified some ways you want to improve you. That’s fantastic! The need for improvement or healing or “taking it to the next level” necessarily starts with a recognition that you’re not living to your fullest potential right now. I’d even argue it springs from an innate desire to become your best possible self.

Despite what you may have heard, it’s OK to give yourself a pat on the back in areas where you excel. You don’t have to be conceited or arrogant. Just recognize and call out the things you’re doing well.

Human beings thrive on recognition. No one knows the kind of recognition you enjoy better than you. Take the time to recognize your efforts, your growth, and your results. Notice situations that you handled well. Recognize yourself accordingly. It may be as simple as, “Boy, you really handled that well!”

Sometimes, you may the only one singing your praises. So be it! Someone has to do it. A well-recognized you is better able to continue the journey of personal development.

I’m serious. I really want you to recognize what you’re doing well. Please pull out a piece of payer. I want you to write down five things you’re doing well right now. They can be BIG things or little things.

When you’ve completed your list. Take a moment and reflect on your list. Give yourself the credit and recognition you deserve for these successes.

Power hack: You are always going to have negative people and negative forces around you that tell you it’s stupid to recognize your success. Worse, bullies and naysayers may try to convince you don’t deserve recognition.  IGNORE them.

Eleanor Roosevelt correctly asserted, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Get over it! It IS NOT selfish to give yourself the credit you deserve! Catch yourself doing things right and you’re courage to try new things will soar.

Checkout this powerful message from Marianne Williamson. This brief speech has often been misattributed to Nelson Mandela. It actually came from Marianne’s book A Return to Love.

You are GREAT, my friends. Catch yourself being GREAT today!


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