Take the Easy Way Out – Day 193 of 365 Days to a Better You

Today’s Thought

Take it easy. Take it easy. Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy.
~The Eagles

Do you have a tendency over-think things? Are you expert at taking the simplest task and making it complex? As Avril Lavigne sang, “Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?”

There are no extra points for making your life harder than it needs to be. Often your first impulse is the the correct impulse. Learn to trust it. The shortest route to victory is as meritorious as the longest. Buying the first car you like is more efficient than looking at five more before you decide that’s the one you like.

I’m not saying not to work hard or go the extra mile for your dreams. I’m saying when life gives you a chance to take a break or offers you simplicity, take it. Take the easy way out when there is one. Save your energy and your fight for life’s real challenges rather turning mole hills into mountains.

Declutter. Uncomplicate. Simplify. Let go. Take the easy way out when it serves you just as well.

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Be An Allower – Day 192 of 365 Days to a Better You

Abraham Maslow said back in 1966, “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”

Some of the stock language in personal development and often on this blog is set goals, measure results, push, hustle, and dream bigger. These words of determination and encouragement and the “Type A” actions they inspire are certainly one way to the goal. However, as Maslow eloquently points out, having only one tool and one way of doing thing soon becomes problematic.

There’s another methodology that can also get you to your goals. It’s slower and more patient, but can be equally effective. Ironically, it’s the polar opposite the one above.

I was recently listening to an Abraham Hicks video on YouTube. He had come up with a name for this alternate approach – Allower.

While the driver approach is embodied by two hands on the boats wheel and full speed ahead, the Allower has hands off the wheel allowing the river to steer and moving at the pace of the flow. This approach means giving up the control and letting the current push you where it will, as you make the most of the opportunities that come your way.

The speed boat may get down the river faster than the leaf, but they both get down the river. You may find the Allower approach less stressful and a better fit for your personality. If not, you can still add it to your toolbox, allowing you to put down the hammer once in a while and still succeed.

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Daily Video Affirmation #21 – I Am a Being of Light, Love, and High-Vibration

Today’s Daily Video Affirmation is a direct response to the low vibration floating around in our public dialogue and in our politics. We don’t have time for low-vibration players any more. We don’t have time for people who want to succeed by calling out the worst in others and by goading them to act on their worst impulses.

We have a right to demand more from our leaders and we shall have more from them!


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Stop Touching Bottom – Day 191 of 365 Days to a Better You

Today’s Quote

A comfort zone is a safe and beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.
~Ray Davis

Do you remember when you first learned to swim as a kid? You could kind of swim, but you weren’t really sure about it and so you’d wade slowly into the pool or the lake. You’d get to that point where the water was dancing off your chin and then you’d go to tippy-toe mode, but you were still touching bottom.

Do you remember that moment of faith when you were willing to let go of the need to touch bottom? There was a moment of slight panic; your safety net gone. However, quickly you were off swimming, having forgotten all about touching bottom.

You can use the touching bottom metaphor in your life too.

If you’re in a job where your feet are firmly planted on the bottom of the “pool” and you’re not challenged any more, you need to let go of your need to touch bottom and either challenge yourself more or find a job that does. If you have a business or a passion and you’re still touching bottom, you’re not really all in yet. If you’re in a relationship where you’re both touching bottom; where’s the fun and the growth?

If you want to take any area of your life to the next level, you’ve got to allow yourself to let go of touching bottom. There will be that moment of panic – sure – but it’s the only way for you to reach the heights your capable of reaching.

I’m talking as much to me as I am to you tonight. I’ve got a second book to write in my Anunnaki series and I don’t know how some people in my life are going to take it. It’s had me writing and slowing down the process to make sure I am still touching bottom. I’ve got some big things planned with a YouTube show and I’m going to be in some new territory for me. There’s going to be a tendency to want to touch bottom.

Let’s take that step where we can’t touch bottom anymore together and see where in the heck that can take us.

Stay inspired, keep dreaming, keep reaching, and absolutely lose your footing into the deep end of the pool.


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Daily Video Affirmation #20 + Thinking Positively in a Negative World


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Beating Criticism – Day 190 of 365 Days to a Better You

American philosopher Elbert Hubbard once wrote, “To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.”

If you seek to make a splash in this world, it’s inevitable you’re going to garner criticism. Many allow their critics to sour them on their dreams and steal their victories. Please, please, please don’t be one of those people.

But, how do you avoid becoming a statistic of the dream vampires? The late American journalist David Brinkley had one of the most succinct and inspiring answers I’ve ever heard. Brinkley once said, “A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.”

This advice doesn’t avoid Hubbard’s truth. It accepts that the bricks will fly. It calmly suggests that you take them and build something constructive of them. I’d suggest going even one step further than Brinkley. Don’t just build a foundation of the bricks. Build your castle. Build your empire. Let your critics supply the firepower and the energy you need to push you onto your finish line.

You’re here to say great things, do great things, be great things. Don’t cave into people whose only dream is to steal yours.

You’re awesome! Keep going. Your mountaintop is closer today than it was yesterday.


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Do You Respect Freedom? – Day 189 of 365 Days to a Better You

Freedom. It’s a fascinating concept with a checkered past in human history. Presumedly, before we had city-states and division of labor, people were free from laws other than their obligations within their small groups.

Eventually, the powerful centralizing force of civilization, with few exceptions, placed the power to decide in fewer and fewer hands. Over the past 500 years or so, there has been a massive push toward granting the individual more autonomy over his or her life. It’s been a bloody struggle filled with periods of two steps forward and one step back.

By the dawn of the 20th century at least politically if not economically, people in the “western democracies” achieved a level of freedom unparalleled in human history. It wasn’t and isn’t perfect. We still have fallen short of gender and racial fairness, but the leaps forward, compared with most of human history, are amazing.

However, our success in carving out space for the individual and the relative prosperity that has accompanied it, have spawned mindsets that threaten the very principles upon which that freedom is based.

Every one is very familiar with his or her rights and we have expanded that conception so much that, for some, it now means the freedom not to encounter any idea not compatible with one’s own conception of the world. A span of concepts from political and religious exceptionalism to hair-trigger offense mechanism have breached the basic contract upon which individual freedom is written. That is that you can have as much freedom as you’ll allow for others.

In this freest time in human history, many are now willing to use the heavy hand of the state to silence, censor, and curtail the freedom of people for the mere sin of disagreeing with them.

This has brought us to a crossroads. Do we truly believe in the freedom to disagree and will individual freedom be a feature of human society in the future or will our selfishness and need to have a world white-washed of all opposing views and lifestyles plunge us back into the darkness of a tyranny where those choices are made for all by a few societal arbiters?

This question will be answered by all of us and each of us. It comes down to the ways in which you interact with your world every day. Do you support freedom even for those you oppose or despise or do you reach for the easy button of shutting them down? is the principle of freedom alive enough in you to see that the only way any of us can have it is to allow all of us to have it?

A better you is often hamstrung by the culture you live in and we are creating that culture every single day with every single interaction. What kind of culture are you choosing?

I LOVE ALL of you and I support your right to be you. Thanks for stopping by and for challenging your paradigms!

Stay inspired!


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