Random Thought #12 – The Affirmation Spot for Saturday March 14, 2009

Thought: A wave rolling to shore looks chaotic, but every single drop of water winds up exactly where it is supposed to be.

So it is with you! Even amid the chaos there is purpose and perfection. An individual snapshot may be a rough spot, but if you look – honestly – at the whole “video” of your life, you will see that everything really does happen for a reason and in your best interest.

Stay inspired!



You Have to Keep Running – The Affirmation Spot for Monday March 9, 2009

Today’s Affirmation:

“I have an absolute attitude of gratitude for everything and everyone in my life.”
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baseball_homeplateNationwide Insurance is currently running a series of TV ads with the phrase, “Life comes at you hard.” It’s true. Life can be a challenge sometimes.

Saturday was beautiful Spring-like day in the Kansas City area. I took my beautiful black lab Mia for a walk. We live next door the elementary school here and between us and the school is a baseball field.

There was a kickball game going on as we passed by. I paused to watch for a few minutes. It was a mix of adults, little kids, and littler kids – probably a family get-together of some kind.

As Mia and I stood there, one of the smallest kids stepped up the plate. The pitcher rolled the ball and the little boy kicked with all his might. I went to third base. The little boy was chugging down the to first base for all he was worth.

The third baseman fielded the ball and tried to hit the little boy with it to get him out. The ball missed and rolled behind first base.

At this point, chaos broke out. The little boy stopped at first momentarily and then people started yelling, “Run, run, run.” He took off for second. As he neared second, people started yelling, “Stop, stop, stop.”

Another fielder threw the ball trying to get the little boy out at second, but missed again. The ball rolled away from the fielder. Now people were yelling a mix of, “Run, run, run” and”Stop, stop, stop.”

The comedy of fielding errors continued and the little boy, no longer listening to the mixed shouts coming from the crowd, forced the issue by rounding third and heading for home.

The ball arrived to the catcher too late and he dove into home plate head first and scored.

I took this as a metaphor. The little boy, through all the chaos and the advice from the divided experts, just kept running. He wasn’t really paying attention to what the fielders were doing with the ball. He seemed to be locked in on the idea of scoring that run. He kept running!

How often, as you try to achieve your goals in life, do you have people telling you, “Do this” or “Do that”? Do you let it stop you and knock you off course or do you keep running? It’s easy to get stalled listening to the experts or worrying what “the fielders are doing with the ball.”

Life does come at you hard. There is chaos all around as you are pursuing your path.

Stay focused! Keep moving toward your dreams. I’m not saying experts can’t be helpful and I’m not saying ignore other aspects of your life. I am saying that when you have a goal or a dream your job is to keep running.

If you do, you’ll be sliding into home plate with a big score as well!

Stay inspired!


2009 Affirmation

“This year I am absolutely committed to being the person I came here to be.”

Random Thought #11 – The Affirmation Spot for Saturday March 7, 2009

Patience is not passive waiting. Patience is active acceptance of the process required to attain the goals and dreams you seek.

Stay inspired!


Make Your “Can’t List” – The Affirmation Spot for Wednesday March 4, 2009

Today’s Affirmation:

“Each and every day I am learning how magnificent life can be and how magnificent I can be.”
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lightning11Here is a great exercise to help you identify those thoughts and habits that are holding you back. Make a ‘Can’t list”.

Why? Before you can really use affirmations or other tools to change negative or limiting thoughts, you have to know what those thoughts are. That allows you to target the specific thoughts that are holding you back in the activity or area of life you want to improve.

It’s easy to do. Over the next few days, do the following:

  1. Keep a notepad nearby.
  2. Pay attention to your thoughts and write down every “I can’t” thought you have.
  3. Tick mark each thought to track how many times you have that thought.
  4. Track the circumstances when are having the thought.

After two or three days, review your list. Ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Is there a pattern? Are the thoughts focused on specific things?
  2. Do you have them in certain circumstances?
  3. Do they occur at certain parts of the day?
  4. Do they occur when you are tired or worked up?

The key is to become aware of what you are regularly telling yourself you cannot do. We often do not realize how many times a day we think “can’t” or the impact that has on our ability to accomplish things.

This will allow you to use affirmations to replace the can’t thoughts with “can” thoughts. As your thoughts change, your actions change. As your actions change, your results change.

Make your “Can’t List” today so you can be on your way to your CAN!

Stay inspired!


2009 Affirmation:

“This year I am absolutely committed to being the person I came here to be!”

Carpe Diem – The Affirmation Spot for Thursday February 26, 2009

Today is your day. Now is your time. Why? Because you are here! Are you special enough to seize this day? Yes. How do I know? Because you are here!

Robin Williams says it all:

Stay inspired!


2009 Affirmation

“This year I am absolutely committed to being the person I came here to be!” (click affirmation to get in mp3)