25 Teacher Affirmations

Teaching is a noble thing to do. Passing along the knowledge of the world to the next generation is critical to the progress of our species. Few jobs require as much dedication in return for so little financial reward. Teachers are true givers.

Still, teachers also need to remember to take care of themselves too. If you’re not a priority for you, you’ll soon not be able to

Here are 25 fresh affirmations for all the great teachers out there! They’re a mix of classroom motivation and self-care affirmations.

  1. I believe in myself and my teaching abilities.
  2. My students get my best when I give myself my best.
  3. I became a teacher to make a difference and I make one every day.
  4. My students’ success is my success.
  5. I am shaping the future of the country and the world.
  6. I motivate and empower my students to own their greatness.
  7. I know my job is challenging and I am up to that challenge.
  8. Small victories make big differences in the life of a student.
  9. My classroom is what I make of it and I make it great place to learn.
  10. Self-care matters and I lead by example.
  11. School time is their time. Home time is my time.
  12. I constantly look for ways to make a bigger difference.
  13. I let the politics be the politics. I focus on teaching.
  14. I create an environment of respect and responsibility in my classroom.
  15. I make learning accessible to all my students.
  16. Learning goes both ways in my classroom.
  17. When I feel like giving up, I remember why I teach.
  18. No matter how many students I see today, I remember each one is an individual.
  19. I always remember that learning should be fun.
  20. My principal thinks I’m awesome!
  21. My colleagues I’m awesome!
  22. My students think I’m awesome!
  23. My parents think I’m awesome!
  24. I AM awesome!
  25. I am a better teacher every day.


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