Photographer Affirmations

Good morning, my friends. Whether you’re a world class photographer or you just love the challenge of capturing images with your phone, these affirmations are written to inspire you.

Some of these are part of my larger list of photographer affirmations. Others are new.

  1. A great photographer lives within me. Today that photographer shows up in my images.
  2. I am an artist with a lens.
  3. I take pictures that touch people.
  4. I take pictures that shift paradigms.
  5. I take pictures that inspire.
  6. I take pictures that entertain.
  7. I take pictures that capture moments.
  8. I am growing as a photographer every day.
  9. I am a more creative photographer every day.
  10. Photography is my life’s passion and it shows.

Keep on capturing the world one shot at a time. You’re amazing. I’d love to see some photos you’re willing to share below.


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