Great Thoughts Words, and Actions Affirmation – Two Versions

Hey, my friends. I hope you’ve had an amazing Wednesday! I wanted to share my two latest affirmation videos with you. It’s two versions of the same affirmation. One is set to meditative music and the other is meant for use during exercise or activity.

I’d really love your feedback on which one you prefer. Do you enjoy listening to affirmations quietly in a meditative state or do you like listening to them when you’re doing physical activity or working out?

The Affirmation is in the first and second-person. Here’s the verbiage.

First person – My thoughts, my words, and my actions really do create my life. That’s why I think great thoughts, say great words, and take great actions.

Second person – Your thoughts, your words, and your actions really do create your life. That’s why you think great thoughts, say great words, and take great actions.

Just in case no has reminded you today, YOU ARE AWESOME!


5 Ways to Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

We know comparing ourselves to other people is generally not a positive experience. We often compare are ourselves to people who have what we want, look like we want to, or have another attribute that creates our longing to be them or be like them.

Comparison is the death of originality and a constant hit to your self-esteem. Your journey is about you. Their journey is about them. Always remember it.

Here are 5 quick tips for stopping the comparison and loving your Journey more than ever.

  1. Honor your journey – respect the integrity and the value of your journey. You must believe you are here for an important purpose to achieve amazing things.
  2. They have challenges too – what you see when your compare yourself to others is them at their best and you as a distant. You don’t see the hard work or hardship in their journey that got them where they are.
  3. They did it. You can too – they earned your envy and adoration by staying true their path. That is how you will achieve your full potential too.
  4. Let them inspire – comparison may be unhealthy, but inspiration is not. Let their story inspire you to be you not them.
  5. There is only ONE YOU – in all of time and space, there’s no other you. You’re one in a trillion! You’re your own light. You need not bask in someone else’s.

Oh, and by the way, just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!


RayQuotes #12

Good evening, my friends. Here are a #Rayquotes to inspire your evening.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!


Dreams Come True Video Affirmation

Good evening, good morning wherever you are, my friends. I hope this finds you in good health and good spirits. Are you trying to manifest a dream in your life?

This affirmation infuses your mind with the idea that your dreams really can and really do come true.

The affirmation is repeated in both the first and second-person for maximum benefit. For best results, listen to this affirmation daily for 21-30 days and with headphones.

The Affirmation:

  • First-person: My dreams are coming true each and every day.
  • Second-person: My dreams are coming true each and every day.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you ARE AWESOME!


Is Positive Thinking Cruel in the Face of Suffering?

There’s rather large strain of thought out there that suggests telling someone who has faced trauma or suffering to think positively is cruel.

I’d suggest it’s not cruel at all and this argument points directly to one of the key misconceptions about positive thinking and related ideas.

Telling someone that thinking positively ALONE will help them overcome disadvantage, trauma, or suffering is patently untrue. If someone has been wronged in life, there are civil, social, and personal development remedies that can and should be pursued.

Simply thinking positively does not erase nor resolve injustice. If someone suggests that it does or believes someone is telling them it does, I can see why it might construed as insensitive.

Here’s the thing. The positive thinking is not the means of redress. It’s the means of healing you. By all means, seek appropriate redress for the wrongs done to you. By all means, feel and experience the feelings you need to feel about the situation, but refuse to let it defeat you,

You can pursue that road to justice or overcoming a major setback one of two ways. You can do it as a perpetual victim that continues to dwell in low vibration states that only perpetuates the suffering or you can do it with your mind ON YOUR SIDE.

When someone tells you think positively, they’re not saying that to undermine or dismiss your experience. Hopefully, they’re doing it because they know as you think so shall you be.

You will be a victim who is perpetually revictimized by your own thinking or you will be the empowered being of light that you truly are.

Choosing the latter allows you to claim your victory over your suffering today rather than placing your happiness on hold until society or some other person takes some action they might never take.

Regardless of your journey to justice or healing, it’s better to have your mind working for you rather than against you.

Stay safe, stay well, and be true to you!