Start Your Day With a Smile Affirmation

Good morning, my friends.

Did you know just smiling for 10 seconds causes your pituitary gland to release a cocktail of chemicals – neuropeptides, serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins – that make us feel happier and reduce stress?

Let’s Affirm Together

I start this day with a smile. The the positive hormones are flowing through my body. Let the goodness begin.

Remember to see your greatness today!


Naysayers Affirmation for Thursday August 18, 2022

Good morning, my friends. Do you ever get tired of everyone else’s unsolicited and negative opinions about you and your dreams?

This morning’s affirmation is for you. Sometimes a little indignance is great fuel for your journey.

Affirm With Conviction

You’re awesome! Keep your mind on your side!


Four Affirmations for Monday August 16, 2022

Good morning, my friends. It’s Monday again and here we go! I’ve got three affirmations. Ponder them, say them aloud, or record them and listen, if they resonate with you and will make a difference in your world, use them until you own them and then until they become you.

These affirmations are about refusing to let what you can’t control deter you.

Stay inspired to do great things and put your mind on your side.


Affirm With Me

I can’t make life more certain. I can only fill myself with determination to joyfully and successfully navigate the uncertainty.

Affirm With Me

I refuse let other peoples’ drama throw me off track. I am committed to my goals and I drown out the noise.

Affirm With Me

Setbacks are simply shortcuts to something better than I had planned.

Affirm With Me

I relish my obstacles for showing me a better way,

Three Things to Ponder This Friday

Good morning, my friends. Here three thoughts to ponder and act upon this Friday! you know, research and your own experience tells you that even a small course correction can really change your day.

I’m not sure who needs to hear these today, maybe it’s you?

You’re amazing! Put your mind on your side.


Repetition Is Mastery With Affirmations

Repetition is mastery.

~Tony Robbins

Repetition, repetition, repetition! It’s one of twin engines of affirmation success along with belief. The purpose of an affirmation is different than most information you take in daily. Typical information is received, stored, and used.

You don’t need to develop a strong emotional connection to 2 + 2 = 4. You memorize it and use it as needed. The same is true with directions to a restaurant. Affirmations are different. Hearing or reading or saying them once and thinking, “I got it,” is not how they work.

The reason repetition is critical with affirmations is because of their purpose. They’re meant to dislodge unproductive or negative thoughts that have repeated for years. They’re meant to inspire change and action which means there’s an emotional component.

Finally, affirmations are meant to inspire mastery. You don’t get mastery by doing something once. You get mastery by repeating until the thought, the words, and the action literally become who you are. With affirmations, 100 times is better than once. 1000 tines is better still.

Have a fantastic day and put your mind on your side.


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