Wisdom in the World Around Us – Day 147 of 365 Days to a Better You

Human beings have been learning at the knee of nature since the beginning.

You and I live in a profound universe comprised of many levels of reality. These parallel realities are unfolding all around us, even as we go about our daily lives. It’s easy to assume that the human reality we inhabit is the chosen way to see the world. It’s easy to forget there are a trillion trillion other living, intelligent beings living out their realities on this world and beyond.

It begs the question. Are human beings truly the center of anything or are we simply seemingly advanced life forms crawling a web of existence stretching to infinity? Does the intelligence that drives us also drive these other realities or is there something special about our level of intelligence and the reality that intelligence allows us to see?

Our mainstream science and many of our religions have weighed in on these issues with mixed results. Some view the human drama as the central drama of this existence with the rest of it just window dressing for our play. Others see a progression of biological evolution from simple to complex. Still others, see a consciousness continuum of beings treading a path, across many forms, toward enlightenment.

Power Hack: These or a hundred other answers could be the truth. Wherever you land on that question, here’s my challenge for you today. Slow down. Take the time to step away from jobs and school, economics and politics, philosophy and religion. Tune in to the universe around you. What wisdom can it share for your life? What message does it have for your journey?

Before we were an intellectual, technological civilization, our ancestors were tuned into the world around them. They saw the patterns and the pageantry unfolding above their heads in the skies and below their feet. They listened and they learned. We’ve lost much of that connection.

My belief is that we are in a time when our technology and that timeless wisdom from the world around us can combine. Together, they can propel the human species to new heights here on Earth and beyond into mysteries of the galaxy.

Whatever you believe, there’s a hell of a show going on all around you. Don’t miss it!

Peace, my friends, and thank you for taking a few valuable minutes to read the blog today.


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