An Awareness Experiment Part II

Today’s Affirmation:

Focus on the goal…When I set out to achieve something I eliminate all the negatives and naysayers and focus completely on my goal.

silouette_ocean_horizonLast week, in Part I of the experiment, I asked you to pay special attention to all the negativity around you. The goal was not to judge anyone, but simply to observe all the ways people defeat themselves through their thoughts and words.

What did you find? Unless your crowd is way above average, you probably witnessed a lot of negativity. You heard a lot of “that’s not possible” “I can’t” and other similar ideas.

Question: When someone thinks thoughts like that and articulates them what does that do their ability to achieve? To be happy? To find success?

The purpose of Part I was to help you see how much negativity and disempowerment you are exposed to on a regular basis. How many times each day you hear “that’s just the way it is.”

Question: “How do you think exposure to that from your friends and loved ones affects your mindset?

That’s Part II of the experiment. You’ve observed how those around you disempower themselves. Now it’s time to observe you.

The point of this exercise is not judge or criticize yourself; those are the kinds of negativity you are observing. Your purpose is simply to become aware of how much negative self talk travels through your mind and crosses your lips each day.

Do the following:

  1. Observe and track how many times a day you think or say something negative about yourself, the world, or the situations or people around you.
  2. Observe and track how many times a day you judge yourself or others.


You can keep track on a little notepad. Do this for a few days. We’ll touch base again for Part III of the experiment in about a week.

Stay inspired!


Ray Davis is the Founder of The Affirmation Spot and focuses on empowering minds to think positively, achieve goals, and live dreams.

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