What Do You Know About Failure, Loss, and Defeat?

father and son on the sea on sunsetWhen most people look at a sunset, they see an ending. When I look at a sunset, I see a thousand beginnings.

What do you know about failure? Many see failure as something to be avoided. It certainly is not enjoyable. Still, most winners and successful people experienced failure along the way. There seems to be something cathartic in failure, a kind of right of passage. Following are a few aphorisms and original quotes I’ve come up with over the years to remind myself that flowers are made of compost and victories of failures.

  1. Every failure contains the blueprints for success.
  2. Setbacks are shortcuts to something better than I had planned.
  3. Failure does not create success, but it sure has helped many people achieve it.
  4. Failure is not an antidote for a determined mind.
  5. Today’s failures fertilize tomorrow’s successes.
  6. One well-studied defeat is worth a dozen mindless victories.
  7. Failure is impossible while you are still trying.
  8. Failure is not about losing. Everyone loses sometimes. Failure is about giving up.
  9. Failure is not an ending. Failure is a crossroads that separate dreamers from achievers.
  10. Failure is only final when you quit. Until then you are a success in progress.
  11. How cool is that? We live in a world where defeat is never final and possibility is everywhere.
  12. I thrive on victory. I learn from defeat. I win either way.
  13. Life often disguises the opening window of opportunity as the closing door of defeat.
  14. Losers respond to defeat by saying, “I give up.” Winners respond to defeat by saying, “I’ll give more.”
  15. Losing is just winning with bigger lessons.
  16. Successful people are not undefeated. They are undaunted by defeat.
  17. A fear of failure is the shortest route to it.
  18. The fear of failure defeats people not by preventing success, but by convincing people not to begin.
  19. The first step to victory is often a well-studied defeat.
  20. Most losses happen between the ears before they happen on the field of life.
  21. Winners learn both at the knee of defeat and in the embrace of victory.

Follow your bliss. Experience your bliss. Become your bliss.


Ray Davis is the Founder of The Affirmation Spot and focuses on empowering minds to think positively, achieve goals, and live dreams.

He is the author of the Anunnaki Awakening series (2015). Book 1 – Revelation – is now available in paperback and on Kindle. This trilogy takes Ancient Aliens out of the past and into the present. An interstellar, interdimensional journey ensues with humanity’s future hanging in the balance.