One with the Universe Affirmation is Now Available for Download.

Hey, everyone! My latest affirmation is now available for download to your playlist. This one is 23-minute meditative experience that connects you to the wider cosmos.

You can listen, watch the video, or download. Whether you download it or not, I’d love to get your feedback in it.

Just in case no one has reminded you today, you’re awesome!


6 Affirmations to Use During Meditation

Quiet contemplation – meditation or contemplative prayer – are a perfect complement to affirmations. Use these affirmations to deepen your experience.

  1. Breathing in, I am relaxing. Breathing out, I calm and serene.
  2. When I close my eyes peacefully, my eyes are truly opened.
  3. I am peaceful. I am open. I am enlightened.
  4. I am one with the flow of the Universe.
  5. I am connected to All That Is.
  6. I am one with All That Is.