Tired of Negative Campaigns? Look for the Good – The Affirmation Spot for Thursday October 30, 2008

Regardless of your political views, it’s hard not to turn sour in the face of the negative campaign onslaught as this election cycle draws to a close.

This year is turning particularly ugly with loaded words and innuendo running amuck. Your biggest fear becomes that they all might be right about each other.

Words fly like “unstable”, “risky”, and “socialist”.

Some day, perhaps, we will have politicians (and their surrogates) who are able to articulate their messages like adults to audiences who behave like adults. Someday maybe we will reward candidates who speak to our highest hopes not our worst fears.

One day we may have an electorate that demands better behavior by punishing this kind of negativity at the ballot box rather than revelling in it. We will banish politicians whose only case for office is a negative case against their opponents.

To the extent we are divided by our elected officials, it is because we have accepted it and not demanded more.

One day these things may come to pass, but we do not yet seem to live in that world in 2008. So what can you do to counter all the negativity?

One group is taking positive steps to counter that negativity and encourage others to do the same.

LookForTheGood.org is encouraging people to stay positive this election season and offers tips on how to do your civic duty to pay attention to the campaigns without giving in to the negativity. Their mantra?

“This election season, make a positive difference…and remember to look for the good.” 

Check out their website for more information.

Stay inspired!