A New Level of Thinking

We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.
~Albert Einstein

This is among my all-time favorite #quotes. I say it to myself several times each week. There’s a fundamental truth in it.

Whether we’re talking about the planet, a country, a company, or our personal lives; the way we thought yesterday probably won’t keep up with today. It certainly will not take us to the next level. If your goal is to get to the next level, whatever that means for you, your thinking must rise to meet the challenge.

What old, limiting thoughts do you need to release? What new ideas do you need to consider? What traps in your thinking have you fallen into in the past that you choose to side-step today?

So this morning’s #affirmation is:

I embrace better, higher thinking today than ever before. I consider ideas and possibilities I had never considered. I put my wisdom, my resources, and my effort into finding better solutions to life than I did yesterday.

Wherever you are on your journey today, keep your mind on your side.


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12 Positive Thoughts to Start Your Day

Good Monday, fellow affirmers!

Starting your day with a positive mindset is as important as a good breakfast! This brief video shares thoughts that empower and inspire you to get out there an have a peaceful, prosperous, and successful day! It’s the best two minutes you’ll spend on your mindset all day.

Wherever you are on your journey today, remember to keep your mind on your side.


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Sunday Morning Affirmation for June 19, 2022

Good morning, fellow affirmers. A Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there.

Own every word of today’s affirmation because to do so is to acknowledge both your humanness and your greatness all at once.

You are both an amazing being on a powerful mission and a flawed human being who slips and falls. Accepting both of these aspects of your nature allows you to push on to ever greater achievement, while giving yourself absolute grace in those moments when you fall short.

See your greatness today. Be all about the purpose that drives your life and let the chips fall where they may.

Affirm With Me

My life is coming together in a complete and perfect way. I am doing all that is necessary, accepting all that is necessary, and releasing all that is necessary for my life to come forth and blossom. I give myself credit for my accomplishments; cut myself some slack for my mistakes. I know that every experience along the way leads to my growth and healing. I am happy and living life to the fullest. I am the person I came to the planet to be.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you’re awesome.

Keep your mind on your side!


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10 Best Doctor Affirmations

Doctors are heroes by any definition, but what they do can take its toll on them. These affirmations help doctors/physicians to put their minds on their side by owning their success and their greatness as a doctor. There are 10 affirmations and each is repeated three times in both the first and second-person for best results.


1. I am a great doctor. I always remember the healing comes first.
2. I am a great doctor and I prove it every day. My colleagues and patients see me as an expert.
3. My patients are lucky to have me and I am lucky to have them.
4. I treat every patient like they are my only patient.
5. I make a real difference in the lives of my patient.
6. My medical practice is growing and thriving.
7. My first patient is always me. I take care of myself in every way.
8. Whatever adversity I face today, I face it with courage and wisdom.
9. I always remember to show my patients how much I care.
10. I am calm and thrive in pressure situations.

Remember, my friends, keep your mind on your side.


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Ain’t No Use in Worrying

Good morning, fellow affirmer!

The late great Wayne Dyer once did a brief monologue on one of his old cassette series’s that always stuck with me.

He said there are only two types of things you can possibly worry about – things you can control and things you can’t control.

Then he asked two sagely statements.

“There ain’t no use in worrying about things you can control. If you can control them, why worry about them?”

You’re capable. You’re responsible. You’ll handle them. Worry adds nothing useful to the equation.

Then he said, “There ain’t no use in worrying about things you can’t control. If you can’t control them, why worry about them?”

Our little egos must learn to accept that there are certain things beyond our control. We can’t control what other people think of us, whether the sun will come up tomorrow, or how many days our current form will remain here. Yet, we spend time worrying and stressing over such things. They steal our energy and our positive momentum and we can’t change them no matter how much we worry.

Then Dyer concluded by saying, “That’s everything it’s possible to worry about. So, there ain’t no use in worrying “

He makes a powerful point. Whether we can control something or not, both are reasons not to worry.

I would add that that we have a wisdom within us and there’s a wisdom present in the universe that are both working to get you and I where and when we need to be. Trust that wisdom and, as much as possible, cut worry out of your mental diet. It’s mental junk food of the worst kind.

Wherever you are on your journey today, just commit to taking one more step.

Keep your mind on your side, my friends.


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