Morning Affirmation for Sunday October 31, 2021

Good Sunday, my friends. Don’t you think fear has won often enough in your life? Don’t you think anger has won enough in the world?

What if, just for today, we did absolutely everything in our power to see that love wins for a change? What if that ripple we started spreads out and infects the world? What if it creates an absolute tsunami of love that circles and embraces the planet?

What if one act of love or kindness from you was the very thing someone needed to restore their faith in humanity or try one more time to scale their personal mountain of struggle?

What if you are the spark the world is waiting on to shift from fear-based paradigms to love-based paradigms?

Let’s let love win today and see what happens!

Wherever you are on your journey, remember you are awesome!


Let Love Win – Day 33 of 365 Days to a Better You

Let love win!

It sounds cliche and new-agey to say that love is greater than fear and anger. Many in our world today don’t believe that or, at least, they don’t live like they believe it. However it’s sound and profound truth.

Anais Nin famously wrote, “We see the world not as it is, but as we are.” There’s a definite battle going on to control how you see the world. For whatever reason, there’s a desire in high places to see fear and anger win. If it wins in you, according to Nin’s formula, you will begin to see the world through eyes of anger and fear.

In an article on my Anunnaki Awakening blog a couple years ago, I described by own journey from political awakening after 9/11 to anger back to love and my firm conviction that we must be purveyors of love and that vibration if we are ever to have the world we seek.

Anger is a natural human reaction and even healthy in propelling you to a point. The problem is when you buy the house in the anger neighborhood and make your life there for so long you forget that love is the real and permanent answer.

Fear, too, is an organic response to certain situations. Again, living in the fear vibe permanently is destructive and disempowering. As I mentioned in that article, this realization was one of the driving forces behind me creating The Affirmation Spot.

So much of our culture is built on creating and maintaining fear-based mindsets. About 10 years ago, I wrote a two-part Series on this blog titled Collective Mental Empowerment Part I (The Problem) and Collective Mental Empowerment Part II (The Solution). In these articles, I explored the way our media, political, religious, and other institutions are merchants of fear. Fear is a controlling energy.

Power hack: Whenever someone, anyone, is trying to evoke and perpetuate a state of fear in your mind, they are manipulative and trying to control you.

If you’re not conscious, you’ll bathe in these societal baths of fear and anger to the point you lose yourself, lose your sanity, and lose your ability live your life through the power of your conscious thoughts. It’s a blatant attempt to reprogram you and the loving being you were born to be toward nefarious ends.

Power hack: You must put yourself back in the One Seat in your life. You must become a conscious consumer of energy and only allow the energy that serves you to lead you.

The day after I wrote that first article I wrote another titled 20 More Truths About Love. There I proposed the following 20 statements about love. I read these constantly to inoculate myself against the fear and anger and to remind myself that love is a choice – my choice and yours in every moment.

  1. Love defies limits.
  2. Love never hires fear to sell it.
  3. Love is a force of nature like gravity and magnetism.
  4. Love transforms, inspires, and enlightens!
  5. Love flows freely in this universe like water in a mountain stream.
  6. Love is your teacher.
  7. Love expands you.
  8. Love and judgment cannot coexist in the same mind.
  9. Love is your core!
  10. When love is the answer the question becomes irrelevant.
  11. Love sees possibilities not flaws.
  12. Love lends you the courage to be great.
  13. The love you put out into the world returns many times over.
  14. Love listens before it speaks.
  15. Love is the light, freedom the path, empowerment the goal.
  16. Love is what happens when the real you shines through!
  17. Love is a boundless resource that flows perpetually through your entire being.
  18. Love is the ultimate affirmation.
  19. Love is you in your purest state.
  20. Purely and simply love wins.

Buy into these truths. Choose them over the fear and anger alive in our popular culture. I promise you love will begin to win in your life.

Wishing you a day filled with peace and joy!