The Roller Coaster of Life and Death – Day 329 of 365 Days to a Better You

It feels like death is all around lately. We lost my father-in-law in December. We lost our beloved family dog a couple weeks ago. Today the whole world witnessed the loss of Kobe Bryant. In this same time period millions of people and animals have died.

The thought of death is a constant for the living. We try hard to put it out of our thoughts, but when it strikes close to us, we are reminded of the mortality that affects all living things.

I find that roller coasters are a good metaphor for life and death. I love a good roller coaster. As a kid, though, when I’d ride one that scare me a little, I’d have this thought as we left the station and began climbing the first hill.

“There’s no turning back now. Even if I decide I don’t want to do this, they’re not going to stop the ride and let me off. I’m on it for the duration. Whatever drops and spins and turns and flips are on this track, I’m going to experience them. I might as well buckle in and enjoy them to the fullest because in a few minutes, one way or another, the ride will be over.”

That’s life. It’s a ride we’re in and we can’t really get off. We’re here to ride it to the end, whatever that is for us. Sometimes it seems big and scary. Sometimes it lifts you out of your seat and throws you for a loop.

We can either hold on white-knuckled with our eyes forced shut or we can laugh our head off, feel the sensations, and enjoy every moment until the ride stops.

When, where, and how our ride stops may be in the stars and beyond our control. So, let’s put our arms in the air, belly laugh constantly, and ride our ride our way.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you’re awesome!


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Life Moves Pretty Fast – Day 162 of 365 Days to a Better You


Take it from Ferris Bueller. Life moves pretty fast.

When we moved to Boston four years ago, April and I had an open timeline. We didn’t know if we’d stay five years, 10, 20. She accepted a job offer. I continued working my same job and working on my outside platforms.

When we arrived only one of our two kids was married and neither had children. Now, both are married, we have two grandchildren, and a third on the way. That’s precipitated a move back to Kansas City.

We jumped into the New England life with both feet. Some friends recently commented that we’ve done more in four years than they’d done living here 20 years. We’ve enjoyed every moment and have often felt like we were on vacation.

16 days from today our Boston journey ends. We’ll spend three days on the road getting back to Kansas City. We’ll resume our life there close to family and building and taking possession of our “forever house.”

These four years flew by and I’m struck with the idea that soon this parentheses in our lives will become a distant memory; that time we lived in Boston.

Life DOES move pretty fast. It’s human nature to miss it, if you don’t stop and look around. What are you missing? What have you been missing? Slow down. Take it all in. One day these days will be the yesterdays you long to relive. Enjoy them while they’re here.

Boston will never be just another place on the map to us, but the gravity of home is strong. We’ll rebuild our home base in Kansas and a new life that will move pretty fast begins.

Our time here is short and these moment pass into dim memory, but to be alive in this moment is a gift. Don’t miss it!

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Stay cool and true to you, my friends!


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