Stop Letting Your Subtext Defeat You – Day 68 of 365 Days to a Better You

Are you being defeated by your sub-text?

“I’m trying to stay positive,” you say. “I say affirmations. I try to focus on my goals and I work hard for them. Why is nothing happening?”

Here’s a question for you. What’s your sub-text telling you? What am I talking about?

Do you say an affirmation, but even as you’re saying it you’re thinking, “That will never happen?” Do you work so hard for your goal and then something stops you from really reaching for it? Sub-text can even be subconscious and unspoken. What’s holding you back?

You may have verbal or conditioned sub-texts that are undermining everything you’re consciously working for and affirming.

Power hack: Here steps you can take to get your sub-text working for you again.

  1. Become aware. Notice the negative thoughts or words that sweep in right after you affirm something to sabotage it. Notice the subtle ways you you self-sabotage every time you get close to achieving your goal.
  2. Go deeper. Understand the dynamic that’s driving the sabotage. Once you’re aware, try to figure out why you’re doing that to yourself. Are you holding on to old conditioned beliefs about yourself? Do you not even want to achieve this goal? Get conscious about what is going on with your sub-text. Go below the surface and the obvious and get to the root cause.
  3. Take action. If this is a goal you really want to achieve, take action to change your sub-text. Recognize the conditioning or the negative thoughts and devise a plan to defeat them. I’ve found affirmations are a great way to do this because they are a tool specifically designed to replace unhealthy and unproductive thoughts.

With a little awareness and some determination, you’ll be back on the road to your dreams in no time.

Be the you you’ve always wanted to be!