Rediscovering You – Day 198 of 365 Days to a Better You

You may remember the Miranda Lambert song from a few years back titled, “The House That Built Me.” It’s the story of a woman who goes back to her childhood house takes a cathartic journey down memory lane. There’s a reason this song speaks to all of us. It’s not just sentimentality. There’s something in us that knows there’s something back there for us.

Crazy as it is, the rush of our day-to-day lives can cause to slowly drift away from ourselves. It’s not noticeable over a day or a month or a year. Over a decade or two, though, we find ourselves a long way from those things, places, and people that made us us.

Our move back to Kansas has made me quite reflective. Not only did we move back, but right now we’re living in a part of the metro where I grew up and came of age.

I’ve caught myself listening to 80s music, watching old Nebraska Cornhusker football games (back when they were always a threat to win it all) on YouTube, and contemplating the aging of neighborhoods I remember as new.  It’s as though I’m reaching back for something.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE my life today and I think I’ve been pretty conscious about directing in ways that are in line with why I’m here. Still, there are nuggets about who we are that we leave along the path. Aspects of that are more truly us and yet get lost in the shuffle.

It’s healing, insightful, and beneficial to sometimes go back, pick them up, and reincorporate them into what we’re doing now. There’s a lot of us back there before we had worries, bills, and the rush of life. There’s a you back there unencumbered by expectations and self-doubt. There’s a you back there that was living a little closer to who you came here to be.

It’s worth it, once in a while, to take a trip down memory lane and mine the pieces of you; pieces you may have even forgotten. Rediscovering that you allows you to build a future made both on your current accomplishments and on that long-lost authentic you.

The struggle is real, my friends, but so are the rewards of the journey. You, every one of you, are amazing!



Take the Easy Way Out – Day 193 of 365 Days to a Better You

Do you have a tendency over-think things? Are you expert at taking the simplest task and making it complex? As Avril Lavigne sang, “Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?”

There are no extra points for making your life harder than it needs to be. Often your first impulse is the the correct impulse. Learn to trust it. The shortest route to victory is as meritorious as the longest. Buying the first car you like is more efficient than looking at five more before you decide that’s the one you like.

I’m not saying not to work hard or go the extra mile for your dreams. I’m saying when life gives you a chance to take a break or offers you simplicity, take it. Take the easy way out when there is one. Save your energy and your fight for life’s real challenges rather turning mole hills into mountains.

Declutter. Uncomplicate. Simplify. Let go. Take the easy way out when it serves you just as well.

Be well, my friends! Thanks for stopping by again. If this post spoke to you, please share or with a friend.


Don’t Assume Bad Things About Other People – Day 181 of 365 Days to a Better You

We all do it. We assume the worst about people and situations. Often this causes us to imagine negative things that never materialize, but that doesn’t stop us from living in those spaces for days, weeks, months, years.

This is especially true when you interpret other peoples’ motives in the worst possible light. This is sometimes a response to negative life experiences or bad past experiences with certain people. Still, this tendency to expect the worst from others is a major cause of negativity in our lives.

Look, if an individual has let you down so many times, you should consider cutting that person out of your life. It’s not a productive or effective strategy to constantly have your guard up, assuming everyone is taking advantage of you.

Power hack: Do your best to come into each situation with fresh eyes and a pure heart. Adjust to the particulars of that situation and that person in this new situation rather than going in with shields up expecting the worst.

I know this is a real shift for some of you. Life has scarred you, but, I’d argue, so has this mindset. You’ll soon see that other people have great motives and intentions you were missing before. Plus, by approaching life more openly, you may just encourage others to do the same. That just might benefit your whole support system.

Stay awesome and have a great Sunday!