Time for Humanity to Remove Our “Training Wheels”

Our society needs to be about developing better people not better laws. As long as we ignore the former, the latter will not matter.

Laws and the governments that write them are training wheels for the development of people. When you were learning how to ride a bike you needed the training wheels to keep you steady. The expectation was not that you would continue to need the training wheels forever.

The best preserved of ancient law codes is the Code of Hammurabi created around 1760 B.C. Since then we have had the 10 Commandments, the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path, the Magna Carta, the United States Constitution, and many other secular and religious attempts to help humans behave properly.

Even in this brief catalog of these attempts, we cover every major culture on the earth and a span of nearly 4000 years.

The fact is that we can try to reform from the outside for another 4000 years and I predict we would find humanity in the same boat. Reform must come from within. We must look at ourselves and the world with new eyes. We must commit to wanting something different, something more for ourselves, for our children, and even for others.

That’s a difficult, very adult journey and there are powerful arguments against it.

Some say that human beings simply are not capable of that kind of reform; that we are victims of a design flaw that forever condemns us to our current status. It’s our nature, they claim, and it cannot change.

Others say that these are fine academic concepts, but they do not address safety and security issues. They point out that there are dangerous people in the world and we must be protected. We must have government and laws, they argue, to protect us from criminals, terrorists, and bad people.

There is some validity to both of these arguments. The problem is we are not addressing the root causes and so we are condemning ourselves to a repeating and self-reinforcing cycle.

Do the laws protect us? Have they ever? 4000 years….have all the laws and government that have evolved solved the root problem? Since Hammurabi first enshrined his code government has been one of the great growth industries on this planet. We’ve had monarchs and despots, democratically elected governments and collective governments.

These secular systems have attempted to establish government as the arbiter between misbehaving and unreformed people. They are band-aids – an attempt to create some justice and peace in an imperfect situation.

The one thing they all share in common is that they have failed to create a happy, peaceful world full of empowered people pursuing their hearts’ content. Instead, governments have been the organizing forces behind wars over resources, religious beliefs, and for sheer domination and control. They have used their power to increase dependence upon their existence.

At least the spiritual attempts have recognized that reforming the person is the central issue in the equation. Both the 10 Commandments and the Noble Eightfold Path focus on prohibiting or encouraging types of behavior that are destructive to the person and the society.

Yet, they are still external attempts to enforce what must be an internal process. WE THE PEOPLE must choose to think and act in new ways. We must recognize that all change in the world and in our lives begins within us. No government or religious institution can substitute for our own desire to have a different world.

Am I advocating the overthrow of government and religion? No. They both still serve useful purposes at our current state of readiness for self-realization. Religion and government will never be completely obsolete, but their role will change and their control will be lessened.

Their top-down, centralized control approach is a relic of a previous era and must be replaced by a decentralized, democratic approach to life on Earth.

While many individuals are starting to realize what is possible, the overwhelming majority still live unaware of what lies within them.

I believe we are at a state where we can begin the transition away from the Age of the Institution and towards the Age of the Person. As more people begin to flower into their potential, this process will accelerate until we find our world in a place we never expected.

This change begins in you. No one else can do it for you. No one else can know the things you need to open in your heart and your mind to convert these potentialities into realities.

The world is changing and now we must change! Off with the training wheels! It’s time to see who we truly are.

Stay inspired!


Ray Davis is the Founder of The Affirmation Spot and focuses on empowering minds to think positively, achieve goals, and live dreams.

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The Peaceful Divorce Advocate – The Affirmation Spot for Saturday January 12, 2008

The Affirmation Spot - Intelligent Optimism for the Real World.

Today’s affirmation is:

“Even as my marriage splits, I am finding ways to keep my life and my family together.”

There is always a positive side to every experience we have in life. Even the most stressful situations can be made better when we make empowered choices. Divorce, unfortunately, is pandemic in our society. While no one wants to advocate divorce, it is an unfortunate fact of life.

The adversarial legal system makes a bad situation worse. It is not designed to help the parting couple in their future role as partners in raising their children. In fact, it is designed to create adversity and animosity not beneficial to that process.

The peaceful divorce movement has grown up as a response to that problem. It offers an alternative to the angst of the traditional system. It provides many broken families hope for a peaceful, productive future. 

Today The Affirmation Spot welcomes an article from guest contributor and peaceful divorce advocate, Belinda Rachman Esq.

The Last Thing You Need Is A Divorce Lawyer!

belinda.gifWhy You Should Consider A Cooperative Divorce

The divorce process is so complicated most people just don’t want to deal with it on their own. Traditionally the process of getting a divorce has involved hiring lawyers, going to court and letting a judge or the lawyers decide and/or negotiate the outcome. The couple plays the most passive role in the legal drama. Because the decisions are coming from above instead of the couple themselves fashioning a result, it is often difficult for the couple to comfortably live with the final outcome.

Most people resent solutions that are imposed on them. It is natural that individuals are more satisfied when they get to decide for themselves instead of being told what to do. When the couple is more actively involved in creating the terms of their own divorce instead of having to put up with the “one size fits all” solution that the legal process gives them, there is a better fit and more of a commitment to make it work.

So here is the most important question, does it make sense to avoid the adversarial system for your divorce? If keeping out of court and saving money on legal fees while protecting your assets and co-parenting relationship sounds good to you, then you really ought to explore mediation. I am not saying mediation is for everyone, but if the two of you are decent people who just want out, no one is trying to hurt the other one and both of you are honest and reliable about money with enough honor to keep your word, then you are the perfect client for mediation.

What A Mediator Does

The attorney who acts as mediator does not represent either party but acts as a neutral facilitator who is a resource for both. The couple can ask the attorney/mediator legal questions and receive help in arriving at all the terms of their divorce. The mediator drafts the marital settlement agreement, which is the document that is attached to the Judgment. The judge signs the agreement without the couple ever going to court and the divorce becomes final 6 months from the day the initial papers were filed and served. When the mediator has a powerful intention to complete the divorce process instead of dragging it out, the results are miraculous.

How Much Does Mediation Cost?

Mediator fees vary depending on location and expertise so call around to make sure you are fully informed. In my own practice the whole process, on average, takes between 4-7 hours but there is certain homework that must be done prior to working with me. It is important to know the mediator’s success rate and how many meetings it usually takes. Mediation is a tiny fraction of the cost of litigation. In California where the average cost of a divorce is $20,000 per side, mediation will always be less. The financial benefits of mediation are obvious but more importantly, you will be comfortable enough with your spouse to co-parent your children. This is the best gift you can give to your children. I ought to know, I was one of those kids caught in the middle. This is why I do what I do. Using mediation instead of litigation brings some sanity back into the divorce process because the adversarial system destroys families. So ask yourself, what kind of divorce do you want? Peaceful divorce is an idea whose time has come.

How To Choose A Mediator

So let’s assume you want to proceed with mediation. You want to make sure the mediator you use has a great track record. The most important thing you want to know is how many couples have they worked with and what percentage settled. Once you find that out you can compare price, length of time it takes and other factors like personality and sex of the mediator before you make up your mind. The important thing is to have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Remember you only get one chance to have a “good divorce” so don’t go down the wrong road because you won’t like the destination.

Is Mediation Right For You

Divorce mediation works best with honest people who are not hiding assets and just want a result that is fair. Most couples who are in the initial stages of thinking about getting a divorce would do well to meet with a divorce mediator as opposed to hiring their own attorneys. You only get one chance at getting a divorce without acrimony. Once you start to go down that adversarial road, it is that much harder to get back to a place where you can function comfortably as co-parents.

Ms. Rachman has been a family law attorney since 1996 and is convinced our adversarial legal system destroys families. She left a successful adversarial law practice and now only does divorce mediation. To find out more information on how mediation differs from litigation, go to http://www.divorce-inaday.com.

Thank you, Belinda for your commitment to helping people in a difficult situation.

Be peaceful Be prosperous!


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