Happy Star Trek Day – How Has Star Trek Positively Shaped Your Life?


So, I know this question won’t resonate with everyone in the group. For those that it does resonate with, and you know who you are, what positive impact has Star Trek had on your life?


My story with Star Trek goes back to my earliest days back in the 1960s. I vaguely remember watching the last couple of seasons in the TOS original run. Then, fortunately, it went into reruns in Kansas City almost immediately on our UHF station.

That ran on late Saturday afternoons and I would stop what I was doing to go inside and watch Star Trek.

When Next Generation came along in the late 80s, it became and remains my all-time favorite television series. I hung on through DS9 & Voyager and then life intervened.

It was only years later that I doubled back and realized what a great series Enterprise actually was and have since consumed the newer series in real time.

For me, Star Trek has always been about Gene Roddenberry’s positive vision for humanity.

1) That there will be a time when humanity will set aside the worst in us and aspire to the highest in us.
2) That there will come a time, beyond our current economic models, where technology will abolish human need.
3) That there will come a time when humanity joins the family of advanced spacefaring cultures that likely populate the galaxy around us.

Roddenberry’s vision came about only after humanity self-destructed and rose again from those ashes. It has always been an remains my hope that we can reach these lofty goals without suffering through that fate.

More than anything, Star Trek taught me, from a very early age, to dream big both for myself and for our species. That vision has and continues to profoundly shape my world view. It has many times girded me against the impulse to turn cynical, give up on humanity.

We are a species with amazing potential and Star Trek is always there to remind us of that.

Happy Star Trek Day!


Either/Or Thinking Limits Humanity’s Options

Either/Or thinking could still be humanity’s doom. You can’t live in a universe of infinite possibilities, when your mind operates on either/or thinking. It’s the equivalent of putting a golf cart motor in a race car.

We do live in a universe of infinite possibilities and we are powerful, manifesting beings.

But, low vibration thinking that cuts off a thousand possible solutions to our challenges and our destiny is no way to take advantage of the opportunities before us.

We must be willing to learn, to change, and to adapt. Otherwise, we will never fulfill our destiny or live up to our potential.

What are your thoughts?

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!


Mind IS Over Matter

I agree with Gandhi here. There’s a transcendent force that goes beyond the physical and beyond the senses that challenges our conception of the universe.

For more than 30 years, I’ve been studying the human mind, consciousness, and spiritual, scientific, and alternative explanations for them.

I’ve come to believe one thing quite firmly. Our current scientific consensus on the composition of the universe is upside down. That consensus contends that the universe is made of matter and that mind/consciousness is what’s called an “emergent property” of matter.

The idea is that, given enough time, the physical properties of the universe become organized enough to birth biological life and the intelligence that comes with. Eventually, you wind up with an intelligence as complex as a human being.

Here’s my contention and it’s the baseline all the affirmations, positive quotes, and inspiring messages here. Mind/consciousness is not an emergent property of matter. Matter is an emergent property of mind, consciousness, and their output – thought.

That’s the reason saying and thinking positive or negatives things is creative in the world.

Again, the scientific consensus argues that mind cannot alter the objective reality of matter. However, there’s a paradox in that view. They’d readily agree that hands and feet can make things happen in the world. Hands and feet don’t invent things. They are physical extensions of mind. In that way, mind does alter reality using them as tools.

Can mind, though, alter reality directly? Is mind actually the source as the causative force underlying the physical world?

I think yes. That’s the evidence of 30 years of study and practice in my own life. That’s the conclusion of numerous great spiritual teachers. Even the science that scoffs at this idea is starting more and more to prove the truth behind this conception of the universe.

The reason it’s not glaringly obvious is that our ability to use this truth to our advantage is limited today. It’s limited, perhaps by the biology we’re working with, but I contend it’s limited more by thousands of years of human thinking that has mistaken the material world as the underlying reality.

We’re born into all this shine and sizzle constantly feeding our senses and we assume it’s the truest of true.

Many of us have begun to suspect that the blinders and the limits are about to come off humanity, opening a new reality and possibilities we’ve never before considered, even for a moment.

So, when we use affirmations and intention and prayer and meditation to bend matter, we should not be surprised it can. We should not be surprised that the more we practice, the better we get at it.

Perhaps, it’s a kind of homecoming for us. Focused and undistracted by the shiny things around us, we are reestablishing ourselves as the powerful creators we always were.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you awesome.


Affirmations for the Human Future

Hey, my friends. Hope you’re enjoying a beautiful Thursday. I’m sharing my latest video with you. It’s a five-minute escape from this crazy moment and a journey into an aspirational and affirmational future we humans can choose.

Wishing you and those important to you a beautiful evening!

As always, just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!