Friday Morning Affirmations for Friday June 3, 2022

Good morning fellow affirmers!

As I sit here waking up with my puppy this morning, I’m thinking about what wild ride the past couple of months has been. The day job has barely granted a breath recently. Life feels like it’s going 100 miles per hour.

I’m behind on the personal projects I mapped out in January., but I keep proceeding one step at a time without judgment and with determination. I will get there.

Despite the stresses of daily life I’m learning over and over again, as 58 rapidly approaches, that everything looks better on the other side of a deep breath. I

’m remembering that every being I encounter all day is unique and special, but there are just a few beings that have chosen to be on this journey with me and I am grateful for them.

The big picture is becoming clearer every day. The strands of my life are weaving together a beautiful tapestry that’s starting to make real sense.

I hope you are experiencing moments of peace and insight and joy today. Here are a few affirmations to jump start your day.

Remember, keep your mind on your side.


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15 Greatness Affirmations and Original Quotes

Jumping woman at sunsetToday’s topic is greatness. You know you and everyone and everything around you is an absolute miracle. The odds that you are even be here against the astronomical possibilities otherwise confirms your status as a miracle.

Just to remind you; here are a few thoughts and affirmations to remind you of your greatness. Hope you find the one that sparks your greatness today! You ARE a one in a trillion miracle!

  1. Go ahead! Give in to your greatness!
  2. Always Remember to see your greatness and help those around you see theirs!
  3. The Prego Rule of Greatness: When you look for your greatness within; you find it because, “It’s in there!”
  4. You think less of yourself than you should. Remember your greatness!
  5. Your greatness is locked in a box called “Believing in Yourself”. You have the key!
  6. Worry more about the false humility of denying your greatness rather than the vanity of just admitting to it! You’re amazing!
  7. Today I am the Johnny Appleseed of greatness; the Paul Revere of possibility here to remind those around me who they truly are.
  8. Today I release older lesser versions of myself and grow into my greatness!
  9. I am a magnificent possibility headed for certain greatness!
  10. My greatness is revealed not by the lights that shine upon me, but by the light that shines within me.
  11. I believe in myself. I believe in my now. I believe in my future. I believe in my greatness!
  12. I may not be perfect, but I have ALWAYS been great!
  13. Today I thunder away at my doubts and weaknesses. As I do, they fade away and my greatness emerges!
  14. It’s time for every person on this planet to embrace his or her greatness and pursue his or her dreams.
  15. My weaknesses are invisible in the radiant light of my greatness!

Be the person you came to the planet to be!


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