Blessed Beyond Belief Affirmation

Blessed Beyond Affirmation

This is how I feel today.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!


Blessed Beyond Belief Gratitude Affirmation

Own this affirmation. Live this affirmation. Make it your mindset each and every day. Circumstances don’t decide us. We do. The affirmation is recorded in the first and second-person for maximum benefit. For best results listen to the affirmation regularly.

The Affirmation:

First person: I am blessed beyond belief in my life. (repeats 40 times)

Second person: You are blessed beyond belief in your life. (repeats 40 times)

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you are awesome!


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Before You Get Out of Bed…or Soon After

Good morning, my friends. The American TV personality John Tesh shared this on his Facebook feed this morning. I wanted to share it with you. What a simple, fantastic morning routine.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today. YOU are awesome.


Morning Gratitude – Day 335 of 365 Days to a Better You

Thank you. There’s no better two words to start every day. We should keep what we’re grateful for close. It reminds us what we have. It reminds us what and who we’re fighting for. It reminds us to be humble.

When you think about it, how can you expect more from God or the universe or your society, if you’re not grateful for what you have?

Try starting each day by writing down a few things you have to be grateful for. They can be standard things that you continually appreciate or things unique to today. Start your day with a thank you and your whole seems a little better.

Here’s my list for this morning.

  • I’m grateful for another 24 hours to be a better person than I was yesterday. Thank you!
  • I’m grateful for a warm house on a cold, snowy morning. Thank you.
  • I’m grateful for my family. Their support along this life’s journey gives me a foundation. Thank you.
  • I’m grateful for the freedom to speak my mind freely. Thank you.
  • I’m grateful for this yucky cold that arrived yesterday because it reminds me to be grateful for healthy days and access to healthcare when I need it. Thank you.
  • I’m grateful for easy access to food and clean water. Thank you.
  • I’m grateful for the courage to fight for a world where everyone has their basic needs met. Thank you.
  • I’m grateful for access to information and for the freedom to process it as I choose. Thank you.
  • I’m grateful for all the kind people and positive experiences that are on their way to me today. Thank you.

Never roam far from things to be grateful for. They warm the soul, they feed the mind, and they inspire a better you.

Just in case no one else reminds you today, you ARE AWESOME!


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Gratitude for Things We Take for Granted – Day 155 of 365 Days to a Better You

There are million little things we take for granted every day that make our lives work. We’re not, nor could we be, constantly cognizant of them all.

  • You take for granted the sun comes up each morning.
  • You take for granted all the systems in your car are functioning as they need to be to allow you to safely drive down the highway at 70 miles per hour.
  • You take for granted that the cook at the restaurant is taking health precautions in preparing your food.

There are just so many. Perhaps the most vital thing we take for granted is the next breath. We take over 17,000 breaths a day. We’ve been doing it all day every day for years or decades. It’s easy to take it for granted.

Unless you do certain kinds of meditation practice, you probably only notice your breath when you are out of breath or having trouble breathing.

For instance, April and I were on a late flight from Chicago to Boston the other night. I didn’t know it until yesterday, but I had bronchitis developing. As some of you know, the pressurized cabin in a plane exacerbates symptoms like that.

I was having a terrible time breathing on the flight. For two hours, I was practically having to consciously force breaths in and out. April was AWESOME, as she always is, helping me. It was quite frightening. It took all the Zen I could muster to stay focused and make it back to Boston.

It reminded me how something I don’t notice most of the time can become so important.

Power Hack: These forgotten things you take for granted fill in the gaps and make your life work. As I said above, it’s humanly impossible and not even productive to pay attention them all. However, you can develop a strong sense of gratitude for these little miracles that lay the foundation on which you can build your big dreams. Without the sun, the next breath, or those systems in your car, where would you be?

Stay in gratitude, my friends, and thanks for reading today.


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