Monkeys in Space

In 1947, the United States successfully put the first living creatures in space – fruit flies. After that success, the American space program spent 12 years trying to send monkeys into orbit. One failure followed another. Finally, on June 1, 1959 a squirrel monkey named Miss Baker and rhesus monkey named Able were placed aboard a Jupiter rocket. The two intrepid explorers shot 360 miles into space and traveled 1700 ground miles before safely splashing down in the Caribbean Sea. They spent nine minutes in weightlessness, proving that human-like creatures could survive in space. They returned to a hero’s welcome.

Able died a few days after the flight during a procedure to remove an electrode. Baker lived 25 more years, receiving 5o,ooo thousand letters per year from school children for many years. 300 people attended her funeral in 1984.

Here is a 1959 newsreel about their flight.

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