Parenting Affirmations Great Parent Affirmation

Are you a parent? You probably wonder every day if you’re doing it right. Then, on less positive days, you’re convinced you’re a terrible parent. Trust me. There’s instruction manual. It’s the hardest thing to figure out in this life.

This affirmation, listened to regularly, puts your mind on your side as a parent. It reminds you to take a look at your kids. See how smart and resilient and miraculous they are. A lot of that’s them, but a lot of it’s you too.

The affirmation is set to meditative music track. It’s perfect for listening in a quiet moment – during meditation, first thing in the morning, or right before bed.


First-person: I am an amazing parent. My kids are living proof.

Second-person: You are an amazing parent . Your kids are living proof.

Wherever you are on your parenting journey today, know that you’re awesome!


You can download the audio of this affirmation here.

5-Minute Affirmations – I Am Crushing It Affirmations

Today’s video includes 10 affirmations to remind you how you are “crushing it” in your life in so many areas right now.

You are, you know. Give yourself the credit you deserve. Listen to these affirmations regularly for best results. Start your day or end your day with this powerful reminder that you are making progress!

Wherever you are in your journey today, know that I’m in your corner!


8 #Family Affirmations

Here are five affirmations for creating a positive family experience.

  1. Day after day, I create a peaceful and positive family space.
  2. I am a great parent! My kids are living proof!
  3. Love rules in our family.
  4. I am creating an environment where my family can thrive and succeed.
  5. I choose family first.
  6. We make family fun.
  7. I am the best brother/sister I am capable of being.
  8. The power of us is greater than the power of me.