Excellence Affirmation

Today’s Affirmation

Excellence is my personal brand. My commitment to it is unwavering.

Good morning, my friends.

Just in case you haven’t noticed yet, you and I are not perfect beings. We mess up big and small and it’s all part of our human experience.

This why aiming for perfectionism is a fool’s errand and generally leads to an unhappy existence.

So, how do we express our desire to be great? Excellence.

Excellence is defined as:

The quality of being outstanding or very good.

This a reachable and noble aspiration that doesn’t come with perfectionism’s baggage. Struve to be excellent. Let it be your brand.

Stay inspired and put your mind on your side.


Morning Affirmation for Wednesday November 3, 2021

Someone wise once said that it’s lonely along the extra mile. We are awash in advertising that promises us service beyond our wildest expectations. Yet, the reality is few live up to their ad campaigns.

Truly committing yourself to excellence and really going that extra mile will allow you stand out and stand apart in any field of endeavor.

This affirmation reminds you and commits you to making excellence your personal brand.

Do that in school, in business, or in your personal life and watch how you attract the respect and recognition your efforts deserve.

Wherever you are on your journey today, be the best version of you you’re capable of being today.


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