Difficult Day

Let’s get real. Do you ever have difficult days? I may be “The Affirmation Guy,” but I sure do. I’m not full of sunshine 24/7, as my wife can attest. I have things that don’t go as I planned. I say things and think things that aren’t productive. I struggle with the hard work and setbacks that happen when we chase our dreams. I just refuse to let the negativity win.

I’m blessed and cursed with Addison’s Disease, sporadic psoriasis, and a few after-effects from Lyme’s Disease and Anaplasmosis. There are days where it feels like they’re tag-teaming me with no legal man in the proverbial ring. They sap me of my energy and hammer with me with pain that seems to come from every joint in my body.

When I was 25 the Addison’s nearly, and probably should have killed me. I mean I was literally laying in what might have been my deathbed. The physician said he’d. Ever seen anyone with electrolytes as low as mine who was still alive.

The past 24 hours have been one of those days, as we celebrated our grandson’s first birthday back in Kansas and are traveling back to Boston tonight. The pain, fatigue, and discomfort came for a visit.

I’m not telling you this to elicit sympathy. I’m telling you this encourage you not to give up. We all have challenges. Yours may be greater or less than mine, but we all have things that can hold us back if we allow it.

I’m proud of the what I’ve been able accomplish in life despite these challenges. Some days I lose to the discomfort and fatigue. Most days I fight through. I keep on keeping on. I refuse to give in. I choose to make my dent.

Whatever you’re dealing with, know this. You can and you are making your dent. That’s what you’re here to do. The clouds that come with that are not there to block the sunshine. They’re there to help you appreciate it more.

Be well and let’s make Monday an amazing day!


Evening Reflection – Accomplishment

As your head hits the pillow this evening, give yourself some credit for all you accomplished today. Accept and release what you didn’t get done. There’s always tomorrow. Feel your goodness. Feel your greatness.

Feel the joy and the peace that comes from knowing you did your best. Rest now for tomorrow is another bold step on your journey.