12 Positive Quotes for a Positive Day

Starting your day in the right frame of mind makes a huge difference in the outcome. Here are 12 Empowering #Rayquotes that will help you get started.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you’re awesome!


15 Wallace Wattles Quotes


Wallace D. Wattles (1860-1911) was an American author, social commentator, and New Thought practitioner. He’s best known for his 1910 book The Science of Getting Rich. He was plagued his entire life by extreme physical frailty. His daughter, in a letter written about his life after his death, described his death as untimely.

His many articles and books produced numerous positive quotes that are still cited in the 21st century. Here are dozen of his best quotes.

  1. We must remember that this is not a bad world but a good world in the process of becoming.
  2. There is a genius in every man and woman, waiting to be brought forth.
  3. The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself.
  4. Do not wait for an opportunity to be all that you want to be.
  5. Because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.
  6. There are three motives for which we live; we live for the body, we live for the mind, we live for the soul. No one of these is better or holier than the other; all are alike desirable, and no one of the three—body, mind, or soul—can live fully if either of the others is cut short of full life and expression.
  7. There is no reason for worry about financial affairs. Every person who wills to do so may rise above his want, have all he needs, and become rich.
  8. There is never any hurry on the creative plane; and there is no lack of opportunity.
  9. The distinguishing characteristic of all really great men and women is an unwavering faith.
  10. You can never become a great man or woman until you have overcome anxiety, worry, and fear.
  11. Poverty can be done away with, not by increasing the number of well to do people who think about poverty, but by increasing the number of poor people who purpose with faith to get rich.
  12. Knowledge of truth is not often reached by the processes of reason. It was due to a spiritual insight.
  13. Every man has the natural and inherent power to think what he wants to think, but it requires far more effort to do so than it does to think the thoughts which are suggested by appearances.
  14. What I want for myself, I want for everybody.
  15. You must get rid of the thought of competition. You are to create, not to compete for what is already created.

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