Daily Video Affirmation #20 + Thinking Positively in a Negative World


Daily Video Affirmation #19 – I Always Meet the Right People

Daily Video Affirmation #15 – I AM Awesome!

Good morning, my friends. Here’s today’s Daily Video Affirmation. This one is just a reminder to you how amazing you are just as you are!

Have a GREAT Monday!


Daily Video Affirmation #9 – Meet Greed with Generosity

Let us be about meeting low vibration impulses with high vibration impulses. Today’s affirmation encourages you to meet greed – both in the world and within you – with generosity.

Stay inspired, my friends!


Daily Video Affirmation #7 – Acceptance and Change Affirmation

Today’s Daily Video Affirmation focuses on harmonizing two seemingly conflicting impulses – acceptance and change. Both have positive aspects for our lives, but they can come into conflict sometimes. How do you reconcile them? This affirmation helps.