Daily Video Affirmation #4 – My World Prosperous Affirmation

Today’s affirmation focuses on choosing prosperity in your life. Have an awesome Monday!


Sunday Midday Motivation – Reflections on Perfection


Good afternoon, my friends!

Hope you’re having an AWESOME Sunday! I LOVE coining phrases and sharing passing reflections on ideas. When Twitter came along, it was the perfect tool for both sharing them and archiving them.

I’ve always been a critic of perfectionism. My feeling is that it gets in the way of developing qualities and achieving results that really matter. It gets people stuck because, oddly enough, you never satisfy your perfectionistic tendencies. Meanwhile, life whizzes by.

The only perfection I do believe in this the BIG picture which is comprised of a trillion trillion little imperfections – the ones that make all of us who we are. The ones that create the true perfection which is that cosmic picture that includes all the Yin and Yang of our lives.

Here are 12 tweets I’ve posted over the years on perfection. I hope you’ll find wisdom and inspiration in them!

  1. Perfection is negative self-talk disguised as something positive. It’s a greedy master demanding more energy than the results yields.
  2. Whatever perfection we experience in life is found from letting go rather than grasping tight.
  3. What feels like pain in the moment is often recognized as perfection the rearview mirror.
  4. We stress over details, when we forget the perfection of the big picture.
  5. Excellence over perfection. Greatness over fame.
  6. Perfection! Just as the rose knows when to bloom and the cloud knows when to rain, you know when it’s your moment to shine.
  7. Nothing is more overrated than perfection. Be great instead.
  8. Perfection is just a distraction. Make progress on your goal.
  9. There is perfection in the chaos. Do you see it? A wave rushing to shore looks like chaos, but every drop winds up exactly where it should be and so do you.
  10. Perfection is often nothing more than the senseless delaying of excellence.
  11. Imperfection is the only road to perfection.
  12. There is not one wasted person. EVERYONE – including you – is absolutely essential to the unfolding of the Universe’s perfection.

Happy Sunday!


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Practice Patience – Day 4 of 365 Days to a Better You

The Serenity Prayer

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Patience, they say, is a virtue. It’s a virtue in short supply in our society today. It’s not because we’re all evil or selfish. It’s just that we’re always in a hurry. Running from one thing to the next and working to be productive little bees, we have a short fuse for things that hold us up.

You see this in the form of honked horns, people yelling at retail clerks or waiters, and, in extreme cases, road rage. People can literally lose their minds because some has the audacity to slow them down. Has this ever been you? I’m sad to say it has, on occasion, been me.

Here’s my challenge to you on Day 4. Take a breath. Breathe in, breathe out, and relax. In whatever ways present themselves today, let the other person go ahead of you. If someone honks at you, take a breath, smile, and see how they’re being driven by this same crazy force that’s driving all of us.

Demonstrate some patience today. You might like enough to make it a new habit doing its part of make you a better you. If you’re lucky, you may touch on something even deeper than conscious patience…serenity.

Peace out and chill out, my friends! Have an awesome and patient day. Share your experiences in the comments below.



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The Sin of a Negative Thought

In this daily motivator, Ray Davis of The Affirmation Spot debunks the sun of a negative thought concept. Having a negative thought is a normal and natural human response to certain situations. Ray sets the record straight on this topic.