How to Protect Your Wealth in a Banking Crisis

Hey, my friends.

We’ve all heard the news in recent days of banks on the brink. It’s critical in moments like this remember that human psychology, as much as economics, controls the outcome. Your personal psychology and planning will help you come through the challenges.

This video contains 10 practical tips for protecting your wealth in a banking crisis. As always, the video hits on your mindset as well.

Your best outcome is on its way to you now.


How to Protect Your Wealth in a Banking Crisis – 10 Practical Tips and Motivation


Control What You Ingest Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually – Day 14 of 365 Days to a Better You

Control what you ingest – mentally, physically, spiritually

meditation-1384758_640There’s an old computer science phrase, “garbage in, garbage out.” It refers to the idea that if your inputs are flawed, your outputs will be too.

In this way, we are no different from computers. If we consume garbage information, we will get garbage results. If we consume unproductive thoughts or beliefs, we will get garbage results. If we consume garbage food, we will get garbage results.

Our minds, bodies, and spirits, as long as we are incarnate in these forms, rely on us consuming what feeds them well.

So, I’m not here to tell you what to think, what to believe, or what to eat. I am here to suggest you pay attention to everything – physical and non-physical – you take into your being and how it makes you feel.

If you’re consuming healthy mindsets and healthy food, congratulations. If you’re not, you may want to become more intentional in these areas. Modifying your inputs will make all your outputs more successful.

Find your bliss. Experience your bliss. Become your bliss.


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