Eliminate Limiting Self-Talk – Day 313 of 365 Days to a Better You

They say you are what you eat and it’s true. Equally, true is you are what you think. What you think constantly – your Self-talk – is who you become. How many times a day are you thinking and even saying these limiting words and allowing them to take root in your consciousness? The first step is to notice them. The second is to eliminate or at least reduce them.

  1. I can’t…
  2. I’ll never…
  3. I’m too…
  4. I’m powerless to…
  5. I’m not as good as…
  6. I’m no good at…
  7. I’m a victim of…
  8. It’s just the way I am.
  9. I always (negative thought)…
  10. (Some outside force…often God or government) will do it for me.
  11. I’m not meant to be happy, successful, etc.

You may may hear these in your head or you may have some of your own. Reverse your limiting thoughts and turn them into your affirmations. Use the affirmations until you have banished the limiting thoughts.

Just in case no one else has reminded you today, you ARE awesome!


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Radicalizing Your Transformation – Day 245 of 365 Days to a Better You

Before I begin, THANK YOU. Subscriptions to this blog have doubled this year. That’s thanks to all of you spending your valuable time reading and sharing with a friend. My deepest gratitude for it.

Many of you have probably encountered the serenity prayer at some point in your lives. It’s a beautiful, inspiring prayer that many, including me have found empowering. There’s a line in that prayer that reads:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.”

Today I came across a quote that twists this line in a radical way and it immediately resonated with me. It’s the rebellious cry of someone ready to challenge the status quo. Not surprising, because it was coined by a political activist and professor named Angela Davis. She spent her early life operating way outside the political and civil norms in our culture.

Here’s the quote. “I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.”

The power of the serenity prayer is its reliance on the power of acceptance and rest there are forces beyond our control. All true. At certain times in your journey, this is a needed message.

However, if you’re feeling stuck, trying the same things over and over, and getting nowhere; you may need to radicalize your mindset to the second quote. It’s a statement filled with fire and determination to overcome the obstacles that stand between your dreams and you. It’s a refusal to accept what is anymore. It’s a statement of I’m ALL IN in on changing my circumstances.

I think we can find wisdom and power in both quotes. If you’re ready to kick your status quo to the curb, the second quote may provide the fuel to inspire it. I think you’re entitled to get radical for your dreams.


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Releasing Your Mental Chains – Day 169 of 365 Days to a Better You

Good Tuesday, everyone! There’s old Buddhist story about two monks who were sworn to celibacy walking through a forest in a rainstorm. They came across a distressed woman on the banks of a rushing river.

One monk asked, “How may I help you?” She told him she was a single mother and had food for her small child. If she wasn’t able to cross the river, he would starve.

The monk surprised the woman and his friend by hoisting her upon his shoulders and carrying her across the river.

Later when the two monks returned to their monastery the monk could see his friend was troubled by something.

“Tell me, brother, what is troubling you?” he asked.

“Our vow of celibacy requires that we not talk to women and yet you spoke to the woman at the river. Our vow of celibacy requires that we not touch a woman and yet you carried her across the river. How can you sit there in peace knowing what you have done?”

The first monk smiled at his friend, “It’s true I spoke to the woman and carried her across the river, but, brother, I put her down hour ago. When will you put her down?”

The first monk had broken his vows, but he’d done so in an act of compassion. As soon as the episode was over, he had moved on. The second monk was still carrying the mental chains of the event and allowing it to disturb his peace.

How often do you and I do that? We carry drama, baggage, guilt, and anger around in our hearts and in our minds? We stretch out events that were over hours, days, or years ago by keeping them alive in our minds.

The question I have for you tonight is what are you carrying around that you long since should put down? Release your mental chains and your attachment to past events long over.

The pain for holding on to them is not a sentence. It’s a choice.

Stay inspired, my friends!  May you find it within you to free yourself from the chains that mentally, spiritually, and even physically keep you stuck.


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