The Sage Who Sees – Day 260 of 365 Days to a Better You

Thank you so much for taking a few minutes to read today’s post.

Do you ever feel different; like you don’t quite fit in with the ways of this world? I do. It’s not something I came to as an adult. It’s who I’ve been my entire life. It’s like what’s intuitive to me is counterintuitive to our civilization. My polarities are reversed.

My own mother once asked, “Why can’t you just fit in?” Do you vibe with that?

There’s a great quote in the Bhagavad Gita that explains why you and I might feel this way.

“In the dark night of all beings awakes to Light the tranquil man. But what is day to other beings is night for the sage who sees.”

    • The world lusts for war. You seek only peace.
    • The world strives for bottom lines. You believe people are the bottom line.
    • The world adulates at the alter of fear. You have always known love is the answer.
    • The world wants to be cool. You’d rather be wise.
    • The world looks without. You have always gone within.
    • The world sees the dark clouds. You see the bright sun behind the dark clouds.
    • The world clamors for instant gratification. You opt for sustainable gratitude.

    I’ve long suspected something. While you and I see ourselves a unique, I’m not so sure we’re that unique. Maybe what comes natural to us is the secret yearning of most people. In fact, I’m certain of it. They simply can’t bring themselves to believe it’s possible. They retreat into the herd safety of the mass consciousness.

    As the sage who sees, I believe our mission is to light the path to this greater realization the same as our teachers and mentors have lighted it for us.

    Your poles are not reversed because there’s something wrong with you, Don’t give into the gravity of that thinking. Your poles are reversed because you’re here to be a beacon to the world that can be if only a critical mass of people would believe. And today, today, we’re one step nearer than ever before.

    You’re absolutely awesome just as you are! Keep following your bliss!


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    Crisis Mode – Day 139 of 365 Days to a Better You

    It’s often been noted that human beings have an amazing ability to come together in a crisis. Our compassion is elevated. We remember how miraculous and fragile our existence is. We express gratitude for what we have and a willingness to share it with others. It’s an amazing thing to observe.

    Here’s the question. Why does there have to be a crisis for us to elevate ourselves and each other to that level? If it’s within us in moments of crisis, it’s there all the time.

    That said, if you require a crisis to bring those noble qualities out in you, I have a crisis for you. We have created a crisis of personal, national, and global proportions. We’ve forgotten, if we ever truly knew, how to be civil to each other. We’ve forgotten how to work together. We’ve forgotten how to love one another as we love ourselves.

    Power Hack: Here’s the good news. When you really think about it, this problem isn’t hard to solve. We don’t have to agree on everything to shift this vibration. We only have to agree on a few easy to agree upon premises that we pledge live by. Try these on for size.

    1. Allow every human being the space to breathe in and breathe out freely.
    2. Make today better than yesterday.
    3. Allow every human being access to the benefits of the abundant society we have strived for centuries to achieve.
    4. Ensure tomorrow is better than today for our children and grandchildren.

    That easy, you might question? Yes. These premises are the simple WHAT that any person of good will can agree upon. Together we can and we must work on the HOWs.

    We simply need to begin thinking, acting, and interacting in ways that promote building something rather than burning it all down. Every one of us can and does have a platform to the world today, with the tools at our disposal, to change the vibe in the world.

    How are you using yours? Are you building or burning down? Are you contributing to meeting the four common sense objectives above or are you busy trying to score points and win arguments?

    We will measure the results in terms of peace rather than war, universal abundance rather the mass disparity, and every human being striving to become the highest version of himself or herself.

    If we can’t come together in a compact to achieve these four objectives, then what difference will all the political points or winning arguments make?

    The world you and I live in is our creation. We create and recreate it every day. Sure there are negative players. Sure there are disagreements on the HOWs. We don’t need everybody to come along to make it work. We only need a critical mass committed to birthing that world.

    Don’t be surprised when I tell you that critical mass begins right here with you and I.

    Stay the course! You are making a difference!


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    The Enlightenment of Balance – Day 133 of 365 Days to. Better You

    There’s enlightenment in other views.

    Few skills are as unappreciated in our world as the ability to see all sides in a discussion. In business, politics, religion, and life we have a huge bias toward the happy simplicity of dogma. Dogma becomes “culture” and culture becomes the groupthink that perpetuates it.

    I’m not sure if it’s the accident of my birth as a Libra or the accumulated realization of my life experiences that grants me this annoying penchant for seeing the grain of truth and good in most ideas, as well as their flaws.

    The gravity of dogma in institutions at every level from relationships to families to companies to countries to the world is a palpable block to wisdom and progress.

    It presupposes that “WE” have correctly deciphered the obscure truths of the universe in their purest distillation and everyone else has it completely wrong. Just a moment’s reflection on the insanity of that stance tells you why we have conflict, war, and dehumanization at the behest of our must-be-completely-right spiritual, economic, and political ideologies.

    This is foolishness, but it’s the dominant state of human consciousness today. If you’re immersed in whatever flow your culture dictates, you might never notice this tension. It’s simple and clear. We’re right and they’re wrong. Our company is nobly-intentioned and our competitors are eager to take advantage of you. Our vision of what an economy must look like is correct and theirs is a threat. Our vision of God is good and right and theirs is evil and wrong.

    For someone like me, who sees the value in different ideas, it’s easier to see the tension, the missed opportunities, and the anti-wisdom of these unquestioned moral imperatives.

    Aristotle stated, “It’s the mark of an educated mind to entertain an idea without accepting it.” In our world today, many refuse to even consider ideas for fear of contamination, as if ideas are viruses.

    Power Hack: So what am I asking you to do? Challenge the consensus, the groupthink, the conventional wisdom where you encounter it. Ask WHY.

    Your reward may be to be regarded as out there, rebellious, or dangerous. However, in those moments when your willingness to think differently and with balance succeeds, you’ll move the ball forward for your family, your company, your country, or humanity. You may not receive the credit you deserve as your contribution is absorbed into the consensus as if it had always been a part of the dogma.

    Your recourse is to go back and do it again on another topic. “A leader,” Lao Tzu counseled, “is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.”

    It’s the thankless, selfless work of the heroic sage to hold the mirror up to the culture and help it discover the Enlightenment of Balance.

    If that’s a journey you’re willing to pursue, you WILL make your dent in this universe.


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